Buy All You Can, Fly When You Can with the Cebu Pacific Super Pass

You know that feeling when there’s a Cebu Pacific piso sale and you buy tickets without 100% being sure if you’ll be able to go? I’ve had tickets I wasn’t able to fly on for a variety of reasons, the biggest one being I showed up at the airport the next day. That was a booboo on my part, but I’m sure other people can relate: leaves not being approved, emergencies, and sudden changes in plans.

Now it won’t matter because Cebu Pacific just launched its Super Pass, an affordable voucher that lets travelers fly when they can across CEB’s widest domestic network. This limited-time 25th anniversary offer is available only from today, May 5 until May 12, 2021.

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Here are Some Online Experiences You Can Try on Airbnb

Summer used to mean traveling out of the country or to the beach, or at least hanging out with friends. I’m not exactly a beach person but I do enjoy meeting my friends and having ice cream or halo-halo, or exploring what the city has to offer. Of course, the pandemic has changed all that and we’re are all staying indoors to prioritize our health and safety. This doesn’t mean that summer has to be any less fun or memorable – Airbnb Online Experiences is here to keep the spirit of travel alive with exciting and unique virtual adventures for all ages.

To create new and meaningful ways for people to travel virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic, Airbnb launched Online Experiences to allow both in-person and new Hosts to share their passions and local culture with guests all over the world through the screens of their smartphones and laptops. At the same time, it allows them to earn income during these unprecedented times.

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Meet 3 Pilots Making Sure We All Fly Safely and Comfortably

“The engine is the heart of an airplane, but the pilot is its soul,” so goes the saying. As the world celebrates World Pilots’ Day, get to know three dedicated aviation professionals and proud pilots of Cebu Pacific, with which one of its pillars is supporting the education of aspiring Juans and enabling them to make their dreams take flight.

Beyond safely and comfortably flying passengers to their destinations, these aviation professionals also take satisfaction in knowing that they’ve played valuable roles in our nation’s ongoing fight against COVID-19, as well as during disasters—be it through cargo flights that carry much-needed aid and relief goods, or through sweeper flights which bring people home to their loved ones.

While the past year may have been difficult for everyJuan, it is also during these turbulent times that passion in everything our pilots do, coupled with the best of the Filipino spirit, was made manifest.

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Cebu Pacific Marks 25 Years with Piso Sale and Cancelation of Change Fees

Cebu Pacific celebrates 25 years of making moments happen with its first-ever month-long P25 seat sale. CEB flights to any Philippine destination are on sale Until March 31, 2021, for travel all the way up to December 31, 2021.

CEB operates the widest domestic network in the Philippines, offering safe, affordable, and seamless flights to and from key cities in the Visayas and Mindanao. It also supports the local tourism industry with its regular flights to famous leisure spots such as Boracay, Bohol, Coron, Siargao, and Puerto Princesa.

Apart from the PHP 25 month-long seat sale, CEB will also be offering 25% off for flight add-ons and of course, its trademark piso sale.

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LOOK: Could This Be the Best Credit Card Program for Travelers?

One of the best ways that credit card holders can reap good rewards in the future is to make sure that their loyalty points are well-diversified. That is why people secure an assortment of credit cards, with each one serving a specific purpose. Some users resort to this strategy to accumulate adequate rebates, hotel points, and even frequent flyer miles that may be beneficial in the long-term.

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4 Tips for Planning an Off-Road Adventure

For a real adventure, you can’t do much better than an off-road journey. Simply load up a 4×4 with supplies and spare fuel, then head out into the wilderness. It’s a fantastic way to explore the diverse landscapes that Planet Earth has to offer, and enjoy the peace and tranquility that comes with being off the beaten track for days on end. You can roam across sandy deserts, explore hidden forests, traverse rugged mountain ranges, and marvel at the icy desolation of the Arctic tundra. There is so much unexplored space left to discover, and a reliable off-road vehicle can take you anywhere you want to go without being restricted by traffic laws and speed signs.

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