3 Ways to Take Proper Care of Your Clothes and Accessories

Nowadays, many of us have much wider and more elaborate wardrobes than ever. Fast fashion is on the rise, meaning many of us can buy more outfits at a lower and more affordable price. But just because things are cheaper and more accessible doesn’t mean we can just toss them about and replace them if anything goes wrong with them. You need to have respect for your money and respect for the environment. You need to take care of what you have and maximize its lifespan as best you can. So, let’s take a moment to consider clothes and accessory maintenance! Here are just a few different steps you can take to ensure you’re caring for your belongings as best as you can!

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4 Easy Tips to Stay Comfortable and Stylish

Many of us are caught between wanting to look our best and wanting to be comfortable. While there are some outfits out there that are certainly beautiful, they’re not all that enjoyable to wear! And ultimately, comfort is what should count, at least the majority of the time. The good news is that it’s not as if you need to pick between looking good or being comfortable! There are ways you can have both in your life. Below, we take a look at a few tried and tested tips that’ll lead to just that.

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The Emaciation Of Nicole Richie

I just absolutely love how this uber-chic girl reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. I cannot help but cream all over my Versace jeans as I browse through her gorgeous photos in Google. I honestly believe she is oh-so-glamorous Paris has nothing on her. Paris may be more pervasive, but I am COLD AND BITCHY, NICOLE RICHIE all the way. Nicole may be an underdog to Paris then, but now that the two have split and Nicole’s weight dramatically dropped, Nicole is shining like a Neil Lane bauble. I love how she oozes sophistication, class, breeding, unlike Paris who is just plain tacky.

Here are some of her looks which I think are positively divine:

At a party where Nicole supposedly passed out after doing cocaine. Allegedly, she had two nosebleeds and was jabbering the whole night that her boyfriend would leave her because she was throwing her life away.

I love love love the dress, the hair, the bag, and the body. Yeah, I was very shocked at the sudden weight loss, but she looks so chic. She makes coke-snorting look stylish.

Nicole Richie with husband Joel Madden in court for her DUI trial, where she was sentenced by the L.A. County Superior Courtroom commissioner to serve four days in jail. Even when she is about to face time, she looks sleek and polished in her LBD, paired with lovely shoes which I believe are Christian Loboutin.

Her at the GAP, enjoying what looks like a White Chocolate Dream Ice Blended from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (I should know, I love the coffee!), looking mega chic in short shorts and a print top and aviator sunglasses that scream style. She looks like a junkie, but a mind-blowing junkie at that.

Nicole Richie looking like she’s ready to serve time, but still she looks great. Kind of like Gwen Stefani’s style in L.A.M.B. Nicole looks rock chic with a striped sweater, skinny jeans, and a Chanel bag.

With husband Joel Madden looking incredible in a white top, a lovely blue scarf around her head, and a Goyard tote. As usual, she is stunning.

Nicole Richie spotted after shopping in Christian Dior. Oh my gosh, I am so creaming, her style and beauty is sublime. Sublime, sublime, sublime, sublime.

Looking druggie chic (and kind of like Mischa Barton) while walking. I am so loving the way she is dressed here, where she exudes mega-glam while also looking unkempt and casual. I so want to pull this look off, but I just can’t.

A picture of her shopping. I’ve noticed her affinity for the Balenciaga Lariat. She has one in lime green (as shown), white, and navy blue.

I have to say that Nicole Richie is one of my style icons. She has the grace, sophistication and elegance of Audrey Hepburn, but also the spunk of a rock star. Her style is obviously influenced by rock glam and bohemian, thanks to her former stylist/friend Rachel Zoe. Her staples seem to be: aviator sunglasses and huge jewelry. I admire her style because not only can she make everything look chic, she looks chic in everything.

Oscars 2007

Hello, dear readers. The Oscars is definitely one of the most prestigious awards show in the entertainment industry. I love the Oscars of course, as it gives recognition to outstanding films from larger than life directors, and it showcases the talents of amazing actors and actresses in Hollywood. But what I love more than the event itself is the glamour and the fabulosity delevired by the actresses when they get down from their vehicle and sashay their gorgeous gowns for all to see. And of course, the best and worst dressed, according to Kojiman.

The Best Dressed

Hands down, Reese Witherspoon takes the Kojiman Best Dressed Award with her navy blue blue Nina Ricci gown. It’s beautiful how the top is simple, and how her skirt just screams gorgeous. The layers are lovely and the fit is perfect. It was a good choice that she didn’t go over the top with her jewelry, choosing a low key bangle, and she kept her hair and makeup simple, which didn’t compete with her dress. She looked sophisticated and chic, unlike the somewhat tacky attire she wore during her Legally Blonde days. The whole ensemble was balanced, and kudos to Reese and her stylist. If Ryan doesn’t want her back after seeing this, nothing will.

Other Best Dressed

I don’t know why the critics hated this Valentino dress. I absolutely loved how simple it looked, yet somehow, it still commanded attention. The color was original (not a lot of actresses wear pristine white gowns), the cuts are interesting, though the dress could have looked a little smoother. The shoes (are those Jimmy Choos? They look fucking gorgeous), the clutch, and the bangle coordinated with the dress, and so did her hair. She looks better as a brunette than a blonde, especially with this dress.

This Armani Prive dress by Cate Blanchett is so glam. The fit is ooh la la, especially around the hips. The skirt looks amazing, especially the print around the bottom. The color suits Blanchett well, very seductive.

Hot! Hot! Hot! Jada Pinkett-Smith looks absolutely divine with this gold number by Valentino. The skirt that hugs around the hips and forcefully fans out goes well with the corset, which gives off a stiff quality, but is perfect with Pinkett-Smith’s strong features.

I don’t know who did this dress but I am absolutely loving it. I am not usually a fan of empire dresses or dresses that are loose, but this gown, on Naomi Watts, is perfect. The gown is simple, accented only by a sash, but it looks absolutely ELEGANT. Maybe it’s the 50’s inspired hair, or the diamond necklace, but she looks

I’ve died and gone to Balenciaga heaven. I never knew Ghesquiere made gowns as hot as this. The red gown, with the bow detail looks so good on Nicole Kidman. She looks H-O-T. Although it is very low key, it screams mega hotness. Kidman looks very sexy.

Although this gown does not look like a Versace, this is uber fun! Somehow resembling one of Nicole Kidman’s costumes in Moulin Rouge, this shouts SHOWGIRL. The top looks sophisticated, and the skirt looks so FUN.

The Worst Dressed

I love you, but what is this Marchesa dress? It is absolutely horrid. This Grecian inspired empire dress is so not working for you. Why hide your perfect bum under all these? The detail on the top would have worked on a fitted gown but with this? Total nast. The hair would have been gorgeous as well, but everything was ruined because of the ugly fit. Nice color by the way.

Other Worst Dressed

The dress looks weird. The top loses its shape thanks to the ugly bow detail (what happened, Valentino?) and the skirt looks like it’s for old women. There was even another ugly bow at the train of the gown. Anne Hathaway, you look old. Such a waste, you are a very beautiful girl.

I’m sorry Tata, I love you, but I don’t like Beyonce’s Armani Prive dress. While Beyonce remains very bootylicious, and her skirt looks chic, the top looks BULKY. What’s with that thing stuck on her chest? It makes the top big. She should have left it on the limo. Sorry Tata, not crazy in love with the dress.

Zac Posen, I love you, and I still want to marry you, but this is one hell of a dress. I love the coral inspired detail, but the top looks really UGLY. She could have looked perfect if not for the sleeves. Nast.

Jennifer Hudson. Been hearing a lot about this girl, and I’ve been hearing good things. But after seeing this… Hmm… When I first saw the jacket, I got stuck at the jacket. The bolero was too strong for the Oscar de la Renta dress, and I never had the chance to appreciate the lovely color of the gown. Wait, are those pockets? Gorgeous hair though.

The best accessory a girl could have is a gorgeous boytoy. Perfect man, perfect hair, perfect smile, perfect designer (that, my dear, is Chanel couture), but oh wait, what the hell happened to the top? Even the gorgeous skirt and detail could not compensate for the disturbing top. That is really nast. Another case of beautiful skirt and ugly top.

I love you, Portia de Rossi, but, EW.

This gown is PERFECT. She looks like a 50s moviestar, with the old-school glitz and glamour. The details are perfect, the colors are amazing, this Proenza Schouler number could have outdressed Reese Witherspoon’s, except for the ugly fit. She looks BIG.

The popular designer that night seemed to be Valentino, the dominant style seemed to be the sleeved detail (which I am so not loving), and trains seemed to be all the rage.