4 Things To Do Around The House That Will Calm You Down

Distractions and challenges are inevitable in this life, and they’re pretty vital in terms of keeping our minds working and stopping us from feeling useless. If we’re constantly working and continually looking for something to improve on, then we won’t get to idle and overthink. Those who are constantly looking to better themselves often end up in better positions in life, when you think about it. 

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7 Ways to Unwind After Working From Home

There is nothing more frustrating than finishing a long and heavy day working from home, only to feel too wound up to do anything. You could have plans with friends, or a workout planned, but you don’t follow through with it because you’re too annoyed with the day you’ve had. The more annoyed you become with work, the harder it becomes to get out of that funk because you have no motivation to do anything about it.

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8 Mental Health Care Tips, According to a Psychologist (+5 Digital Tips From Google)

The months-long quarantine has taken a toll on our mental health. The uncertainty, the cabin fever, and the deluge of terrifying news on TV and on social media has swirled together to form a dark cloud over our heads. I’ve had friends tell me they’ve had fights with their family because of opposing views and the idea of being cooped up all day, every day. But does that mean we’re mentally ill? Not necessarily.

Last week, Google invited me and other media friends for a mental well-being session, in time for Mental Health Awareness Month in May. The platform invited Dr. Ronald del Castillo, PsyD, MPH of Diwa Mental Health. Through Diwa, Dr. del Castillo hopes to harness “cutting-edge psychological and behavioral science to shape public health and social policy.”

In our session, he told us that being mentally unwell doesn’t mean we’re mentally ill. All kinds of feelings and thoughts are perfectly normal, common, and acceptable.

Below are other things we learned from Dr. del Castillo:

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