Royal Canin launches rewards program that gives points for every purchase

When it comes to our pets, all we want to provide for them is a happy life – and this includes giving them ample play time and exercise, and a healthy diet to keep their bodies healthy. After all, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing them satisfied.

When it comes to Royal Canin, it is not only cats’ and dogs’ happiness that matter – it is also the dedicated pet owners who ensure their pets live a high quality of life. To reward pet owners for every time they purchase Royal Canin products, providing their cats and dogs with tailored nutrition, Royal Canin launches its new rewards program – Points on Purchase.

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Royal Canin has a five-day virtual event for new and soon-to-be pet owners

There are a few things that come close to the fun and fulfilling feeling of being able to welcome a new pet into the home. But it also comes with a lot of questions. What diet is best for them? What are the vaccinations I have to take note of? When is the best time to start taking them out for walks?

These worries swirl the minds of every pet parent, especially first-time owners – and this is what Royal Canin aims to address through the engaging and learning-filled virtual world of Royal Beginnings: Puppy and Kitten Central.

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Vets, Experts, and Furparents Share Tips on How to Train Puppies

I’ve been a furmom for over a decade and to this day, there are things I still learn about my senior dog. This is especially true when my family moved to the US and I was left to care for Oreo on my own (the dog on the left is Georgia, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge in 2017). So when I heard that Royal Canin organized Start of Life, A Facebook webinar series about the different stages and milestones of furbabies, I knew I had to go.

The first leg of the series, Royal Beginnings: Kickstart your Puppy’s Best Life, was specifically for puppy owners. Oreo may be a senior dog but I’m sure every furparent agrees that their dogs will forever be babies to them. When I took my role more seriously, I finally understood why my mom kept saying I’m her baby, even if I’m already in my early thirties.

Below are some of the tips I learned from the veterinarians, experts, and furparents who spoke. I’m sure you’ll find them useful:

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Open Your Hearts and Homes to Shelter Pets This Valentine’s Day with MARS Petcare

Every dog or cat deserves a safe place to call home. Unfortunately, a lot of animals in the Philippines lack the loving comforts and care that a family can provide. Driven by its desire to create a better world for pets, MARS Petcare, a global leader in the pet care industry, is spearheading a Valentine’s adoption drive to help homeless pets find their forever home with families who will accept them with open arms.

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