When being too smart becomes bad.

I think people are too smart. We should be simple, like dogs. Even if you leave them by themselves in the living room all night, the next day, they’ll still jump up and down and lick your face when they see you. That’s unconditional love. We could learn a lot from dogs. No, that’s not stupidity on their part.

We’re just too smart for our own good.


“This is the last 2 feet of cloth we have left. Let’s turn it into a skirt.”. This was a witty comment a friend of mine made as a scantily-clad female sashayed into the bar we were staying at. Usually, attention-striking clothes like these serve as receiving ends of either praises or boos, but that night, it was different. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but I found the lady’s criminally short skirt quite depressing. I looked around, and I noticed the harsh reality. Most girls wore garments as revealing as the lady’s, or something as close. Although I would like to commend the girls for having the guts to dress as they please, I still felt sad, because I knew, that that girl, who was getting her butt groped by a man, who was probably a stranger, was someone’s daughter. She was the daughter of respectable people, of people who worked hard just to get her to school, get good grades, and not to gallivant around Makati in skimpy attire. Whatever happened to the Maria Clara, to the classy debutante? What happened to the binibini?

She was simple, but she had elegance around her. Modest, but she had the air of confidence. And of course, her clothes revealed only what was necessary, but she had the aura of beauty that could still catch breaths and stop tracks. This was the Filipina. She had an old world charm, a certain grace, and poise, that gave off class.

Today, Filipinas seemed to have been influenced by the magazine Cosmopolitan into believing that being liberated is the key to happiness. In this day and age where culture has been modernized, a certain amount of liberation is needed, but not to the extent where it will look tacky, almost disgusting. But that is the case. Skirts have gone higher, underwear seemed to get flimsier, and, well, it did look like the last 2 feet of cloth that was transformed into apparel. Girls today seem to be aggressive, brash, but too much of these is not appropriate.

Whatever happened to the Maria Clara, to the classy debutante? What happened to the binibini? She has lost herself in the false belief that being demure is dead, that the only way to be beautiful is to dress baringly. Sexiness is not defined in the amount of flesh a girl shows, or how provocative she moves on the dancefloor. Sexiness radiates from the inside, from the confidence that she gives when she moves and acts. The ideal Filipina should not be the stereotype Maria Clara where she is covered to the nines with layer upon layer of garment, but she is the girl who looks both respectable and chic.

I think a perfect example just walked into the bar.

Theory Of Bisexuality

Sigmund Freud’s theory of bisexuality limits itself to birth. He says that we are all born bisexual, but during the early stages, we subconsciously decide whether we choose to lead the straight life or the gay life. He limits his bisexual theory to the earlier stages, but my theory is extended until death.

I believe that everyone is bisexual, but has been subconsciously repressed because we have been raised that it is wrong, and society dictates that heterosexuality is the norm. We have been conditioned to believe, by the media, even the church, that homosexuality is a crime, a SIN, and that it is to be avoided at all costs. And of course, monkey see, monkey do, we repress every homosexual tendency because we have been brainwashed by every reliable source that is a behavior that is considered not normal.

But first off, let us define homosexuality. It has been described, in laymen’s terms, as a preference, both in the aspect of love and sex, to people of the same sex.

Sex is sex. We derive the same kind of sexual pleasure whether or not done with a man or a woman. Arousal lies on the nerves, and it can be stimulated by various things. The nerve does not choose what arouses it. On the subject of love, it is the same with sex. Love is an emotion that can be channeled to anyone we feel affection for. Do we choose who we love? We do not.

Society has been succesful in brainwashing us and instilling in our minds that homosexuality is wrong. But only if we are open to it, if we break free of society’s ridiculous rules, and be more open-minded, then we would know that being with someone of the same sex is not that different.

What I Hate: If That Makes Me A Bitch, Fine.

These are just some things that I absolutely: hate, abhor, despise, detest, loathe, dislike, and resent when it comes to online networks, a place where gay men can get dates, fuck buddies, friends, or boyfriends. Examples of these sites include: Downelink, Fabuloush, Connexion, G4M, and DList.

1. Most of these sites require you to have a message before you can add guys, or in G4M’s case, before you can contact them. What irritates me about this is that most guys usually only have a hello, or hi as a message. It is really irritating, because it’s them who wants to talk to you, but you are obligated to formally begin the conversation.

2. “Can we be friends?” – this is usually the pick up line next to the generic hi or hello. That is an OUTRIGHT LIE. They click a picture in the Friends List not because the words I’M FRIENDLY is stamped onto the man’s face. It’s because they are attracted to that person. Why lie? If you wanna have sex with that person, just say it. The worse that the person could say is no.

3. In relation to #2, it also pisses me off that they ask if they could be friends with me, and I would say yes. I am very open hearted person, and I welcome anyone who wants to be friends with me. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, they ask if I’m top or bottom. If you do wanna be friends, and just friends, why ask my position when it comes to sex?

4. I’ve seen this in a bulletin, and I wholeheartedly agree. Most networking sites require photos and you have the option of posting captions with it. And it irks me the way guys would put, “Ugh, I’m fat.” or “Aren’t i ugly?”. If that’s what you really think of that picture, why would you post it in the first place? You’re just fishing for compliments. Whenever a guy would tell me that, I’d be like, yeah, you do look fat. Don’t force a compliment out of me because I WON’T.

5. Lying. Lying in the sense that you use other people’s pictures or you basically lie about yourself. The problem is, what if the guy wants to meet you? And you’re not the person in the picture? Yes, you might be thinking, I could always cancel, but what if you really like that person? You lie about your lie, and you continuously have to be dishonest until you are a pathetic chain of lies. And that makes you pathetic.

6. Yes, it’s true that most men are horny, and SEBs (Sex Eyeball – where you meet for sex; hook ups), are natural in the gay community. But it’s not right to generalize gay men. I find it rude that guys use “you have a place?” or “you top or bottom?” as their opening statements. I applaud them for their honesty, but they should have at least have the decency of asking first if I want sex. Because, I DON’T. Do I look like a whore? I know my worth, and if you want sex, get one of those dirty sluts in Quezon Ave.

I am not uptight. Ask my friends, or anyone who knows me for that matter, and ask me what my personality is. I am a very spontaneous fun loving devil may care person, but I know my worth, and I am not afraid to let everyone know that. I do not like liars. If you want me, go straight to the point. My time is precious, so don’t you ever waste it!

If being a bitch means knowing what I want and never settling for anything less, then I’m proud to say I’m a bitch.

Couturexia Nervosa

is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a fashion disorder characterized by poor self esteem when it comes to clothing. Symptoms include incessant buying of the latest trend, and later bitching out that it doesn’t look good on them.

Couturexics are constantly on the prowl for interesting styles, and may be seen watching like a hawk in public places, eyeing garment after garment, whether on a mannequin or an actual human being.

Their body image is normal, but distorted when it comes to the clothes they wear. Although their style is not that bad, they exaggerate and actually believe that they look like fashion rejects. They see a particular garment looking “fabulous” on someone else, but when worn, they are under the belief that “it doesn’t look half as good on them.”

Treatment includes a reality check, issued by relatives or close friends, with a note that says three simple words: GET OVER IT.

Creative Orgasm

a term that refers to when you have thought of a brilliantly creative idea. Etymology of the term is the phrase creative juices flowing. And when juices flow, orgasm occurs. Hence, creative orgasm.

Other related terms are: creative sex, creative orgy, creative msaturbation, and creative cum.