My new obsessions: Red Turnip Theater’s Cock + Don Papa Rum



After watching Red Turnip’s Cock on its premiere show last March, I was once again invited by its director, Rem Zamora, to catch the final show and its official blastoff. Since its first day, it received universal praise from writers, critics, theater lovers, and everyone who came to support the show. I was one of them, having interviewed Rem for a feature in The Philippine Star and When In Manila.

I’ve said that 2014 is the year of theater, what with Rak of Aegis, Noises Off, August: Osage County, Full Gallop, and WickedCock could very well be one of the best theater shows this year.

Red Turnip’s Cock aims to answer this question: What happens when a young gay man falls in love with a woman?


Character Teaser - John

Character Teaser - M

Character Teaser - W

Character Teaser - F

The cast of Red Turnip Theater’s Cock


Cock stars Topper Fabregas as John, Niccolo Manahan as M, Jenny Jamora as W, and Audie Gemora as a surprise guest. Cock is Red Turnip Theater’s second offering after Closer. I spoke with Rem after the show and he said that the theater company will be back this August.



The cast of Cock: Topper Fabregas, Niccolo Manahan, Jenny Jamora, and Audie Gemora, with Red Turnip members: Rem Zamora, Ana Abad Santos, and Cris Villonco (Jenny is also a member)


Having seen the show already, I was able to understand and appreciate the deeper nuances of the play. The bare set but the sound effects during the subway scene, the welling up of the eyes of the actors during poignant moments, and the emotions they invoked in me, from pity to anger and sadness.


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A terrible-quality picture of Don Papa rum from the Cock blastoff


Of course, I enjoyed watching Cock because of the brilliant acting and compelling plot, but the play was more enjoyable because of my new discovery: Don Papa Rum.

I actually tried Don Papa at the When In Manila Christmas Party last year, but I don’t usually drink rum straight so I couldn’t appreciate the flavors. I much prefer tequila and wine, but on a whim, I got the Don Papa rum mixed with Coke at the Cock blastoff.

Boy, was it good. I’ve tried rum Coke (Cuba Libre) at clubs and bars, but I never enjoy it because I could only taste the soda. It’s the standard free drink in parties so I guess bartenders only put a dollop of rum and drown the flavors in Coke. I don’t drink soda, too, so Cuba Libre is a drink I tend to avoid.

But rum Coke with Don Papa tasted smooth, and the soda blended well with the vanilla, honey, and candied fruits that make up the Don Papa recipe. It was so delicious that I ended up having four glasses and a slight buzz by the end of the night.

I remember walking up to Topper Fabregas and Niccolo Manahan (who I have never met before) and congratulating them on the play and telling them I could see myself in John. And it’s not exactly a good thing. I did the same to Rem and Jenny, but at least I know them personally. I also ended up saying cock dozens of times in front of a publicist’s camera as he asked people what they thought of the show. I concluded with “I love Cock!”




Don Papa is a premium-aged small-batch rum made in the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon in Negros Occidental. Negros is known for its sugar because of its climate, geography, and rich volcanic soil. Don Papa’s rum is aged for seven years in oak barrels, and was made available in 2012.

Don Papa is named after Dionisio Magbuelas, known as Papa Isio. He is one of the unsung heroes of the Philippine Revolution, helping free Negros from the 300-year Spanish rule.

Don Papa Rum is available in the following locations:


Don Papa Rum

Cucumber vodka.

Yesterday, I decided to infuse some cucumber into vodka. I decided to try it out after reading an article in Out magazine’s April 2012 issue. The idea of making my own “craft” spirit was appealing because everybody seems to be making their own version of something, and because I had no plans this Holy Week. I chose to infuse cucumber because it is refreshing and reminiscent of the summer and the sea. The infusion takes some time, so I’m guessing my experiment will come to fruition at the peak of summer.



Infusing vodka can be quite easy, and you don’t need to have any skills in the kitchen. I have none, and I was able to concoct a beautiful looking and smelling mix. All you’ll need is vodka, a rather large cucumber, and a jar. It might be a good idea to use inexpensive vodka so it’s not too big a deal if it ends up tasting like shit.



Because I was excited to get this baby on the road, I failed to invest in a jar. I emptied the bottle and stuffed the chopped cucumber in the bottle and draped the vodka over it. After it’s ready, it is important to remove the cucumber as it can affect the flavor – taking on an unpleasantly bitter taste. Removing the soggy cucumber will prove a challenge for me, but I survived peeling and chopping the gourd when my only kitchen skill is steeping tea.

I plan on dashing a bit of soda and some muddled mint when it is ready to be served. Adding mint is a flash of inspiration. I once tried a divine cucumber and mint shake when I had dinner at Vikings a few ago. It was so refreshing that I had two glasses, and there was nothing I wanted to do more than rip off all my clothes and fly to Boracay. I didn’t want to infuse the mint because it might be too strong and overpower the sweet flavor of the cucumber.

Right now, my bottle is in the freezer. It’s important to shake it every now and then to balance the flavor. It’s also important to use pure vodka as this does not freeze. I will update you once it is ready. Cheers for the summer!

I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ll ever have.

I’m currently learning how to mix drinks. Like what I said in my latest tag entry [], what better way to bond with friends than home made margaritas and cheap hors d’oeuvres at 4 in the morning. Never mind the Boy Bawang and the Chippy, as long as you’re sipping 200 peso drinks, you know you can never go wrong.

I’ve downloaded recipes and tried to learn as much as I could about mixing drinks, and I’m excited. I’m planning to buy bottles of tequila and vodka next week so I could start. I’m starting with margaritas, tequila sunrises, cosmopolitans, blowjobs, and sex on the beach.

I won’t charge my friends of course. Loved ones can get the drinks on the house. So come, let’s drink :] I’ll give you the best blowjob you’ll ever have.