RV Manabat’s “More Baking Secrets” Will Make You Want to be a Pastry Chef

Ever since I started living on my own five months ago, one of the household tasks I enjoy the most is cooking. Sure, the dishes I cook are mostly basic but I find the activity therapeutic. And there’s something to be said about preparing the food you eat, especially if it ends up delicious and filling. There’s plenty of things I want to do in the kitchen but there’s one thing that intimidates me: baking.

People say that cooking is an art and baking is a science. There’s all this talk about precision that you’d think bakers are talking about building a spaceship instead of a batch of oatmeal cookies. But I got to read RV Manabat’s More Baking Secrets, the sequel to the bestselling Baking Secrets, and my fears have somewhat minimized.

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January 2018 in Books

1. X-Men Mutant Genesis 2.0 (Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, John Byrne, Scott Lobdell, 1991)

X-Men Mutant Genesis collects the first seven issues from the adjectiveless X-Men and features the “Rubicon” and “Omega Red” storylines. In “Rubicon,” the X-Men battle it out against Magneto, as the villain has set up an asteroid base and is set on building a mutant netopia, whatever the cost. In “Omega Red,” we are introduced to the Russian super soldier, who is on the hunt for the Carbonadium Synthesizer, a device that Wolverine stole that will help him be stronger. Even if the premise of “Rubicon” has seen various iterations in its movies (the battle between integration with and dominance of non-mutants), I enjoyed reading it for its pacing, its well-drawn characters, and action-packed scenes. I’m not really a fan of the story of “Omega Red” but I still liked it for the same reasons.  All the comics in the anthology have been remastered and recolored, which makes for an explosive read.

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“Winning the Anvils” is a Must-Read for PR Practitioners and Students

Not a lot of people know this but I used to work in public relations. I spent a few good years in a PR agency, where I crafted campaigns for some of the country’s biggest brands. While I’m no longer part of the industry, I’m still part of the ecosystem as a writer where I get to observe how companies execute their big ideas and key messages. What better way to measure the effectivity of a campaign than by reading Carlos A. Agatep’s Winning the Anvils?

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Get Books For as Low as P75 at National Book Store’s Book Binge Bazaar!

The Japanese word tsundoku means to buy so many books and letting them pile up somewhere without reading them. It’s a problem I share with other readers, who feel like there’s not enough time to read all the good books coming out from authors, publishers, and bookstores. But I consider it a nice problem to have because it makes me happy seeing them in my room and knowing I’ll get to them soon.

This weekend, I’ll be adding more books to my collection as National Book Store is holding its first ever Book Binge Bazaar, a three-day sale where imported books will be available for P75, P175, and P275!

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National Book Store Partners with 7 Design Influencers for Capsule Collection

I’ve always been a National Book Store shopper. As the OG bookshop in the Philippines, I would always visit the SM Southmall and Alabang Town Center branches, scouring its shelves for my next read. It was in the Town branch where I would discover the magical world of Hogwarts. As they say, I’m laking National.

Because I grew up with National, I’ve seen how the brand has evolved to offering not just books and school supplies but also more exclusive items, like refined fountain pens and other collectibles. They even partnered with personalities like artist Benedict Cabrera (BenCab), fashion designer Rajo Laurel, tastemaker Daphne Osena-Paez, and blogger Cecile van Straten for capsule collections.

This year, the bookstore is taking it up a notch by partnering with not just one personality, but with seven design influencers for the biggest collection to date. They have partnered with Amina Aranaz-Alunan, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Patty Eustaquio, Laurel, Osena-Paez, Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, and van Straten to create a line of limited edition stationery, accessories, and gift items.

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9 Questions With Mike Curato, Creator of the “Little Elliott” Series

Recently, author and illustrator Mike Curato visited Manila to discuss Little Elliott, his line of children’s books about the titular polka-dotted elephant. He read Little Elliott Big Family to us and I fell in love with the gorgeous illustration and the sweet yet minimal text about the power of family. I was given the chance to sit down with the illustrator, where we talked about his inspirations, his upcoming works, and his favorite children’s books.

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Artists and Authors Mike Curato and Isabel Roxas Visit the Philippines!

When we were kids, we considered ourselves grown-up when we started reading books without pictures. Strangely, it’s now that I’m entering my late twenties that I’m beginning to appreciate illustrated books and graphic novels. I rediscovered my passion for comics when I found my high school X-Men collection, and I’m branching out to reading local materials, manga, and children’s books.

My latest discoveries in children’s books are the works of Mike Curato and Isabel Roxas, two Filipino illustrators who are now based in the US. National Book Store invited the two to meet friends and fans, and I was lucky enough to meet them when they were here.

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