Bookshelf PH releases NFTs for its recent book on e-commerce

Recognized annually on January 1st, Public Domain Day marks the occasion when the copyright of some creative work expires. Once in the province of public domain, people can freely use and consume the work, which is beneficial as many of them are historically, culturally, or artistically significant. 

Some important works in the Philippines in the public domain include the writings of Jose Rizal, including both Noli Me Tángere and El Filibusterismo, and the epic poems Florante at Laura and Ibong Adarna by Francisco Balagtas and José de la Cruz respectively. 

While the public domain is extremely beneficial for great historical works, it has not usually been associated with modern writing. Such is unfortunate as recently published books may provide readers insight and information into current events, major trends, and relevant skills, but will not be accessible for a very long time (copyright expiration in the Philippines is the date of the author’s death, plus fifty years). This knowledge thus remains kept in a kind of walled garden, accessible to only the Filipinos with the disposable income to buy books.

Bookshelf PH, an online marketplace and boutique publisher for books, e-books, and audiobooks, wants to challenge this notion. The organization is launching 17 individual non-fungible tokens (NFTs), each representing a chapter from its recent bestseller, The E-Hustle: What the Country’s Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business.

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17 Leaders Share Their Tips on How to Grow Your Online Business in the Philippines

If there’s a silver lining to the lockdown, it’s that it accelerated the growth of e-commerce in the Philippines. NielsenIQ stated that online shopping transactions have grown over 325% during this period, and there’s no end in sight. More and more Filipinos are turning to the digital economy to build a business.

While there are many resources about e-commerce in general, there are precious few specific to the Philippines. Starting an e-commerce business in the United States or other western markets is, of course, different from doing so in the Philippine context. There are nuances to every aspect of doing business here, and e-commerce is no exception.

It is this gap that inspired the creation of The E-Hustle: What the Country’s Best Digital Leaders Can Teach You About Launching and Growing Your Online Business.

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Here are the Promos and Vouchers For This Year’s Big Bad Wolf Sale!

It’s the first day of the first-ever online edition of the Big Bad Wolf sale. This year’s sale is exciting because there are discounts of up to 99% off, P10 peso book deals, free shipping, and other promos for its 60,000 titles available.

I spent all morning browsing close to 10,000 books and checked out with 11. I miss the thrill of walking around the World Trade Center and literally looking through piles of books, but I enjoyed browsing online. As a sigurista, I make sure that I see everything so it’s easier to click “Next page” rather than moving books around to see what’s under the stack. And of course, I can browse and buy from the comfort of my bed.

If you still haven’t started or haven’t checked out, here are some promos and vouchers you can avail of:

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Mabek Kawsek’s “Good Dog” Should Be Your Next Crime Read

I’ve always been interested in true crime. I love reading about serial killers and watching thrillers. Lately, I get my fix from My Favorite Murder, a true crime comedy podcast that has done more than tell me about fascinating deaths. They’ve also helped me with my mental health issues. It might sound confusing for those who don’t follow the show, but the hosts talk extensively about taking care of yourself and prioritizing your safety over politeness. Now, I have another title to add to my true crime obsession and it’s Mabek Kawsek’s Good Dog.

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Anvil Publishing Joins the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

Anvil Publishing invites everyone to have a festive time with panel discussions and book signings at the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival, happening from August 2 – 4, 2019 at the Raffles Makati.

Now on its sixth year, the festival features an exciting series of talks, book signings, and panel discussions about literature and culture from local and international authors and artists. With the theme ‘Borderless: Bringing Stories from Asia to the World,’ this year’s festival aims to explore literature’s power to transcend boundaries and relate to people across the globe.

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“My Fashion Sketchpad” is the Manual for Aspiring Illustrators

I had a phase in my younger years when I did fashion illustration. I would draw impossibly-long and razor-thin models wearing garments inspired by Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. That phase fizzled and I stuck to writing but I still have a few sketches saved at home. If Pete Rich’s My Fashion Sketchpad existed back then, I feel I would have pursued it with more passion.

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