Mabek Kawsek’s “Good Dog” Should Be Your Next Crime Read

I’ve always been interested in true crime. I love reading about serial killers and watching thrillers. Lately, I get my fix from My Favorite Murder, a true crime comedy podcast that has done more than tell me about fascinating deaths. They’ve also helped me with my mental health issues. It might sound confusing for those who don’t follow the show, but the hosts talk extensively about taking care of yourself and prioritizing your safety over politeness. Now, I have another title to add to my true crime obsession and it’s Mabek Kawsek’s Good Dog.

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Anvil Publishing Joins the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival

Anvil Publishing invites everyone to have a festive time with panel discussions and book signings at the 2019 Philippine Readers and Writers Festival, happening from August 2 – 4, 2019 at the Raffles Makati.

Now on its sixth year, the festival features an exciting series of talks, book signings, and panel discussions about literature and culture from local and international authors and artists. With the theme ‘Borderless: Bringing Stories from Asia to the World,’ this year’s festival aims to explore literature’s power to transcend boundaries and relate to people across the globe.

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“My Fashion Sketchpad” is the Manual for Aspiring Illustrators

I had a phase in my younger years when I did fashion illustration. I would draw impossibly-long and razor-thin models wearing garments inspired by Alexander McQueen and John Galliano. That phase fizzled and I stuck to writing but I still have a few sketches saved at home. If Pete Rich’s My Fashion Sketchpad existed back then, I feel I would have pursued it with more passion.

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RV Manabat’s “More Baking Secrets” Will Make You Want to be a Pastry Chef

Ever since I started living on my own five months ago, one of the household tasks I enjoy the most is cooking. Sure, the dishes I cook are mostly basic but I find the activity therapeutic. And there’s something to be said about preparing the food you eat, especially if it ends up delicious and filling. There’s plenty of things I want to do in the kitchen but there’s one thing that intimidates me: baking.

People say that cooking is an art and baking is a science. There’s all this talk about precision that you’d think bakers are talking about building a spaceship instead of a batch of oatmeal cookies. But I got to read RV Manabat’s More Baking Secrets, the sequel to the bestselling Baking Secrets, and my fears have somewhat minimized.

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January 2018 in Books

1. X-Men Mutant Genesis 2.0 (Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, John Byrne, Scott Lobdell, 1991)

X-Men Mutant Genesis collects the first seven issues from the adjectiveless X-Men and features the “Rubicon” and “Omega Red” storylines. In “Rubicon,” the X-Men battle it out against Magneto, as the villain has set up an asteroid base and is set on building a mutant netopia, whatever the cost. In “Omega Red,” we are introduced to the Russian super soldier, who is on the hunt for the Carbonadium Synthesizer, a device that Wolverine stole that will help him be stronger. Even if the premise of “Rubicon” has seen various iterations in its movies (the battle between integration with and dominance of non-mutants), I enjoyed reading it for its pacing, its well-drawn characters, and action-packed scenes. I’m not really a fan of the story of “Omega Red” but I still liked it for the same reasons.  All the comics in the anthology have been remastered and recolored, which makes for an explosive read.

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“Winning the Anvils” is a Must-Read for PR Practitioners and Students

Not a lot of people know this but I used to work in public relations. I spent a few good years in a PR agency, where I crafted campaigns for some of the country’s biggest brands. While I’m no longer part of the industry, I’m still part of the ecosystem as a writer where I get to observe how companies execute their big ideas and key messages. What better way to measure the effectivity of a campaign than by reading Carlos A. Agatep’s Winning the Anvils?

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