Frontliners are Turned into Superheroes in Metro Manila Billboards

Leading media and creative agency Havas Ortega transformed digital billboards all over Metro Manila otherwise idled by the lockdown into empowering messages of strength for Filipino frontliners. Turning billboards once filled with ads into digital comic books featuring frontliners as superheroes, the agency’s Frontline Heroes is a tribute to the Filipinos who brave the dangers of the outside world so the rest of the country can survive inside their homes.

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RedDoorz is Offering Free Accommodations for COVID-19 Frontliners

RedDoorz, Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing online hotel management and booking platform, is offering free temporary accommodations for frontline healthcare workers and emergency first responders treating COVID-19 cases.

With the help of the Department of Tourism and Manila City Hall, RedDoorz launched its new Red Heroes initiative, which is now rolling out across the region. The initiative is designed to help and provide frontline healthcare workers with a place to stay and rest during the COVID-19 pandemic as hospitals and local authorities continue to treat and manage a growing number of cases. 

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Starbucks Partners Help Rehabilitate a High School

Starbucks partners (employees) are trained not only to pour an extra shot of good in each cup but also in everything they do. Now, Starbucks aims to inspire its partners to serve beyond stores and straight to communities where they are a part of. This is in line with the company’s goal to have 100% of its stores globally to participate in community service starting 2020.

Starbucks is taking steps towards this commitment by celebrating the Global Month of Good annually every April. During this month, Starbucks partners from stores all over the world lead projects that will help strengthen the communities they serve.

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Meet the Next Generation of YouTube Content Creators!

I first started blogging in 2006 and back then, it was just a bunch of people sharing their thoughts online through blogs. Soon, it evolved into a completely different beast with the rise of platforms like Twitter, where people can share short-form thoughts; Instagram, where it’s mostly visual; Snapchat, where the point is ephemera; and YouTube, where the idea is to become a talk show host. YouTube is one of the most exciting platforms because it allows people to share their humor, skill, and creativity.

YouTube recently revealed the 12 NextUp creators who are bringing their YouTube careers and channels to the next level. The program is part of the platform’s goal to help up-and-coming creators build their channels and produce creative and reliable content.

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