11 Easy Tips to Protect Your Mental and Digital Well-Being

It’s been more than a year since the pandemic started and I can count with the fingers of both hands the number of times I went out. I have adjusted surprisingly well considering I live alone, but the cracks have started to show in the past few months. There are times when I talk to myself out loud. My social skills have declined and I find myself unable to respond during meetings and video calls. I get tired when I get multiple deliveries in a day or when I interact with a lot of people. My wellbeing is not doing so good.

So when Google invited me to a Well-being Day with Ronald Del Castillo, PsyD, MPH of DIWA Mental Health, I knew I needed to go. I wanted to find ways to care for myself as we continue to survive during the pandemic. Other speakers during the webinar included Geia Lopez from Google, and YouTube creators Janina Vela, Lyqa Maravilla, and Madam Ely.

Here are some of the things I learned during the talk:

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Monkey Shoulder is Bringing the Summer Indoors with its Refreshing Cocktails

Summer usually means heading to the beach and having ice cold drinks. While you can still do that now, I’m still scared to go out of town without being vaccinated. This summer, I’m staying indoors until I get my shots, which is a shame since I am a step closer to my dream body after losing 50lbs. Thankfully, Monkey Shoulder is bringing summer indoors with refreshing cocktails made with its whisky.

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Kenny Rogers Roasters Launches its Delivery Website and I Tried it Out

When I first started living on my own, I told myself that I would do it all. I would cook, clean, do the laundry, take care of the plants, and all the chores that came with leading a household. I live in a family-sized house, which I would soon learn is more difficult to maintain on my own than a room or a condo unit. Eventually, something had to give and I gave up cooking. Now, I sign up for a meal prep service or have food delivered when I’m craving something specific.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is making it easier to order their warm, inviting muffins, delicious side dishes, and the mouthwatering, savory roasted chicken with the launch of their delivery website. What’s more, you can access it on any device, whether you’re using a desktop, laptop, tablet, or even your mobile phone, which means you can order from Kenny Rogers anytime, anywhere!

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5 Dining Places in Rizal You Must Try

Rizal province is a well-known respite for nature and art lovers. Its close proximity to Metro Manila makes it accessible to metro dwellers who want to immerse themselves in art and nature during the weekends.

Aside from having nature reserves and art galleries, Rizal is also an emerging food tripping destination. Here are five dining places in the province that you might want to try out post-pandemic:

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