5 ways your business can convert more customers

If you want your business to be successful and you want to see growth, then you need to make plenty of sales to as many customers as possible. 

With this in mind, below, you will find some key things that can help you convert more customers than ever before:

Add pop-ups

Most business owners think the days of pop-ups are well and truly over. They remember how annoying they were and they wince at the thought of using them. Pop-ups, however, can still be effective when it comes to converting customers.

Think of a great offer or deal for your customers and turn it into a pop-up that lets them know what they could get. What’s important is that it’s easy to get rid of and it’s not too intrusive. You will increase your chances of making a sale significantly. Think of it as using the store’s tannoy to announce a sale, but for the internet age.

Live chat

Packages like the click4assistance UK live chat software provider for business can help you convert more customers once you have gotten them to your business website. Customers can use them to quickly ask questions and get to know what you are about without having to call or wait days for an email. This means they are more likely to feel confident to make a purchase then and there. If you haven’t already, start offering live chat customer service on your business website today.

Maximize payment options

If a customer is on your website and you want to convert them, then making it as easy as possible for them to make a deal will really help. A good way to do this is by offering as many different payment options as you can, from Paypal to Bitcoin. You can remove a pain point by letting customers use the payment they are most comfortable with, thus, encouraging them to make a purchase.

Collect testimonials

Including testimonials and reviews from previous customers is a good way of harnessing social proof and showing potential new customers that you are a trustworthy brand with great products. It’s like the internet version of word-of-mouth recommendations. It will help you convert more people than you would be able to without any visible endorsement online.

Write amazing copy

Your web copy, including reviews of your products, product descriptions, and of course, your calls to action, should all be written by an experienced copywriter. Good copy compels the customer to covet the products and services you sell. If you want to maximize sales, hiring a professional content writer is a good idea.


Converting customers, especially if they are new to your business is never easy, but if you work on it and if you implement as many of the suggestions above as possible, you can do it and you can make your business better.

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