Tic Tac and Mobile Legends to Give Players Limited Edition Skins, Heroes, and Diamonds

For more than 50 years, Tic Tac has provided “gentle” freshness to many generations, allowing for pockets of “little escapes” throughout our busy days. During the trying times of the past year, we’re always on the lookout for those mini escapes and fun connections that can make endless days of staying at home worthwhile.

To address this need while catering to Filipinos’ evolving lifestyles, Tic Tac has collaborated with one of the top mobile games in the Philippines, Mobile Legends. Tic Tac’s Refresh Your Game campaign seeks to inspire gamers to refresh and celebrate wins in the game, thus escaping online negativity and reconnecting with their gentle side.

If you’re a Mobile Legends gamer, you can also join in the fun and Refresh your game with Tic Tac! Up to 3,500 participants can win 50 ML Diamonds every week. The rewards will be sent as redeemable codes via email, and one ML account can win up to five codes each day.

To join:

1. Purchase Tic Tac in your preferred flavor, and make sure to keep the official receipt.

2. Visit the website www.TicTacWin.com to upload a scan of your receipt, which is your proof of purchase.

3. Don’t forget to provide the requested details on the website. After you’ve submitted your information, you will receive a link to verify your email.

As a bonus, Tic Tac will also be giving away 50 grand prizes every week – limited edition and special skins, heroes, and 1,000 diamonds (prizes worth up to P1,500 each)!

To qualify for this bonus giveaway, use the hashtag #TicTacFresh and share why you love Tic Tac on your Facebook profile with a public post. After you follow the steps ‘to join’ mentioned above, just add a screenshot of your Facebook post and you will be part of the weekly bonus contest! Bonus prize winners will be announced every Wednesday.

This promo is valid from October 4 to November 28, 2021, and is only available for players based in the Philippines.

Virtual game night

As part of this campaign, Tic Tac hosted a virtual game night on October 8, 2021, to delight Filipinos and kick off the weekend on the right note.

It was a fun-filled event hosted by fellow ML gamer Sarah Carlos. The guests, TV personality John Vic de Guzman, gaming influencer Yskaela Fujimoto, and celebrity Kristoffer Martin, shared some tips about how they approach the game.

One of the questions was about their strategy on killing more jungle monsters than turrets. John Vic said that killing jungle monsters is one of the best ways to earn more gold early in the game. Meanwhile, Kristoffer said that killing more jungle monsters or turrets depends on the player’s role. For example, for core players like him, killing jungle monsters is a priority.

They also battled it out live with three lucky audience members selected through an online contest before the event. Audience members Ken, Alyssa, and Ruby, won the battle.


Don’t miss this refreshing chance to acquire bonus diamonds and hero skins in Mobile Legends!


This story is in partnership with Tic Tac. For more information, visit the website and follow them on Facebook.

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