5 Things to Do After a Health Scare

Health scares come in a variety of shapes. Some act like an expected wake-up call. You’ve probably come across countless heartfelt stories about extreme lifestyle changes when people hear their doctors deliver a grim warning. “If you continue on this path, you may not be around to celebrate your 40th birthday.” It is a scary thought, but it can work wonders for life improvements. More often than not, people who understand the importance of their new lifestyles feel empowered by the recovery process. They use the time for self-growth, uncovering a better person than they initially were. 

However, sometimes, a health scare is truly unexpected, such as a worrying diagnosis or an unavoidable accident. When this happens, the journey to recovery can be long and challenging. Your physical health is affected. But a health scare like this also affects your mental health. As you try to heal, you also need to recover your self-confidence, self-esteem, and peace of mind. How do you go back to your normal self after such a health scare?  

Seek support 

You don’t need to go through the process of healing alone. There is plenty of help available to guide you through the journey.

It’s worth mentioning that legal assistance is also an option if your health scare resulted from someone else’s mistake, such as a faulty medical device, for example. Specialist lawyers, such as defective medical device attorneys or personal injuries attorneys, can be crucial to securing the monetary support you need for your health. Similarly, you can also seek assistance from medically trained specialists who can offer advice and support during the recovery. For physical injuries, for example, physiotherapy can also help you regain your mobility and flexibility. The bottom line: Surround yourself with experts who have your best interests at heart. 

Look after your immune system

The immune system is a hard-working ally that defends your body. However, your immune system also responds to stress and energy levels. That’s why people who are under high pressure are more likely to need sick days. They are more vulnerable to viruses and infections. Similarly, fatigue means that your body needs to prioritize some functions over others, affecting your immunologic response. 

Now, let’s consider what a health scare does to you. As the term scare implies, it’s a stressful experience. It’s also likely to be exhausting as your stressed-out body needs to use its energy to heal. Therefore, taking supplements to boost your immune system could significantly improve the healing process. Vitamin D regulates the immune system function, ensuring it can react to new threats while maintaining recovery activities. 

Photo by Jannis Brandt on Unsplash

Seek food goodness

We eat to fuel the body. But did you know you could also eat to fuel the mind? Food can significantly boost your mood. The typical feel-good foods tend to include donuts, ice creams, and cakes. But forget about the high sugar fad and focus on ingredients that can improve mental health balance. Supporting your mental health will also reduce the drain on your immune system. Not sure where to start? Here’s some inspiration for mood-boosting meals:

  • High folic acid and vitamin B12 content, such as black beans and pork burrito
  • Selenium food, such as seafood and low-fat dairy products
  • Omega-3 fatty acid meals, including salmon and rainbow trout
  • Vitamin D boost with egg yolks, cheese, and fortified cereals
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables

Introduce a custom sports routine

A health scare can keep you out of the gym. However, it should not prevent you from being active. Kickstarting a fitness routine after health issues is no easy task. You will need professional advice from your doctor to understand what you can and can’t do. Your doctor could refer you to an occupational therapist to help define the best workout plan for your current fitness level. More importantly, the routine serves a dual purpose. Physical activity supports your physical health, as it boosts your metabolism and immune system. But it can also play a huge role in building your self-confidence and self-esteem again. 

Don’t be afraid to talk about it

Last but not least, a health scare leaves an emotional scar, too. Many patients choose to ignore the emotional pressure because they think it will disappear as the body heals. In reality, your emotional baggage doesn’t go away as you heal. You need to heal your mind to get rid of it. Therefore, it can be helpful to talk about your experience with friends or with a specialist therapist. Talking helps you put your fears into words, which can make the situation more manageable. 


Health scares can throw you off balance. They threaten your physical and mental health. Can you rebuild yourself after a health scare? Yes, you can. But you need to give yourself the best chance to heal through dedicated support, immune system boosts, and mental health awareness. Grow yourself into a stronger and brighter person.

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