Here are 5 Ways to Turn Merienda into Fun Bonding Moments

I’m a snacky person so I always have something ready to eat between breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner. Actually, any moment is a good time to have a sandwich or open up your go-to treat. If you’re with family or your friends and you’re all suddenly in the mood for merienda, here are five ways to turn snack time into fun bonding moments:

Do the no-phone tower challenge

Don’t you find it annoying when you’re hanging out and the people around you are on their phones the whole time? Distractions can occur during merienda, so one way to avoid them is by setting aside phones and tablets. Rules are no fun so turn it into a challenge instead. Do this by stacking all of your phones at the center of the table. The challenge is this: the first one to get their phone from the tower gets a penalty, like cleaning up after merienda.

Play games

Forget that rule that said you shouldn’t play with your food. Use your family’s favorite snacks as part of the games that you could play. Two games come to mind: Build-a-House and Face-the-Cookie.

For Build-a-House, simply challenge everyone to build a house using Magic Creams crackers and Wafrets. Let your family’s creative juices flow in this game. Meanwhile, for Face-the-Cookie, each family member will place a Cream-O or Presto cookie on their forehead and race to move the cookie to their mouth using only their facial muscles. The winner gets a prize, like a free pass for washing the dishes after dinner.

Make merienda kebabs and sandwiches

If most of your family members have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect surprise you can do for them: dessert kebabs! Kebabs are typically meat and vegetables on a skewer. For your merienda, put Dewberry biscuits on sticks, together with cubed watermelon and apple, or maybe even marshmallows, to keep a perfectly balanced taste.

You could also treat your family to a delightfully sweet clubhouse sandwich. As desserts, use Jack ‘N Jill’s Quake Overload as the bread and Strawberry or Milky Knots as fillings. Keep them secure using toothpicks to complete the “clubhouse” look.

Try pre-merienda games

One of the common questions during family merienda time is who gets to prepare the food. Instead of pointing fingers, try playing Pinoy childhood games like Jack en Poy (Rock, Paper, Scissors). Ten rounds of Jack en Poy should be enough. The winner can be the one to choose the snacks for merienda, which the loser will have to prepare.

Give “Potluck Day” a chance

Filipino family reunions are often tied to the potluck habit. So for merienda, think of it as a mini-reunion with your loved ones every day, where you gather to eat your favorite snacks, relax, and take a break from work or school at home. This is also your chance to bring to the table your favorite Pinoy snacks, like Jack ‘N Jill biscuits and cakes.

Merienda is like your family’s “glue.” It’s these times spent together when you connect and bond even closer. Give any of these activities a try, or create a unique one yourselves. They don’t have to be complicated. 

What matters is that everyone enjoys their favorite snacks with their favorite people, making funny, sweet, and lasting memories, together. Stock up on your family’s Jack N’ Jill Snacktime Favorites – Magic, Cream-O, Presto, Dewberry, Knots, Wafrets, and Quake Overload, available at your nearest supermarket, sari-sari store, and online.


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