WATCH: Mega Tuna’s New Video Shows Why #MaiinggitSilaSaSarap

I’m enjoying the surreal ads that brands are releasing these days and the latest entry is from Mega Tuna. This new one is actually their second and it’s much weirder than the last.

It combines the macabre with Filipino humor and has a surprising cast of characters who show what “talagang masarap, talagang nakakainggit” can make them do.

Watch it below:

And here’s the first one:

Go ahead and try Mega Tuna and see for yourself why #MaiinggitSilaSaSarap. Mega Tuna comes in the following exciting variants: Flakes in Oil, Hot and Spicy, Spanish Style, and Sweet and Spicy. These can be enjoyed straight out of the can, with garnishings, or as part of a favorite recipe.

I regularly eat the Flakes in Oil and Sweet and Spicy as a snack since they’re both rich in protein, which I need while working out. I also like the Flakes in Oil and eat it with my soybean pasta. I’m not a big fan of spicy food but I’m sure you’ll love the Hot and Spicy variant if you are!


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