Should You Move Office Now, During Summer?

Are you wondering whether now is the time to invest in new office space? This is a big decision, and getting your timing right is important. There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when deciding whether to move your business. To give you a helping hand, we take a look at the benefits you will reap by moving office space now.

Implement fresh ways of working

You may find it hard to implement new methodologies for working, for example, swarm intelligence and lean working if you are stuck in an old and outdated office. Whether you want to branch into Forex trading or move into social media marketing, new spaces can bring inspiration. From employee lunch areas and hot-desking areas to small acoustic rooms and open working spaces, the possibilities are endless if you move into a new office space.

Take advantage of the current state of the market

At the moment, the business market is performing well when you consider the past year and how badly things have been due to the global pandemic. However, we all know how quickly that can change. You don’t want to find yourself in a position where you want to move office space, yet you simply cannot afford it, or there are no suitable options available. Therefore, now would be a good time to capitalize on a flourishing market while you have the opportunity. 

Enhance your brand

Moving to a new office space is a great way to enhance your brand. Nowadays, a company’s brand is everything. From the way your website is designed, to how your employees dress, to your office space; everything plays a role in what people think about your business. If the style, location, interior design, and building you are housed in do not reflect your company well, now is the time to move office space and boost your overall brand image. 

Get your kids to help you during the summer holidays

If there is one time to move, then summer is it. If you have older children, they will be able to help you during the move. It is a lot to take on alone! Moreover, you don’t want to juggle moving office with picking up the kids from school and such. 

Grow your company

Last but not least, do you find that your company has hit a bit of a stagnant patch? Is your current office space limiting the growth of your business? If so, why not move location? A better location can often result in a better workforce, giving you opportunities to improve your workforce and grow your business. 


So there you have it: some helpful reasons why now could be the perfect time for you to move into a new office space. If this is something you have been considering for quite some time now, why not take the plunge? You won’t regret it; it could bring out huge benefits for your business.

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