Paintballing vs. Gel Balling: What’s the Difference?

Most people have heard of paintballing. You may have even played a game of paintball before. But have you heard of gell balling? It’s a new sport that similarly involves playing in teams with guns that fire small ball-like pellets – but with a few key differences. Below are some of the key differences between the two sports.

Paintballs vs. gel balls

Both sports involve firing ball-like projectiles at one another. However, these balls are very different.

Paintballs are filled with paint. They explode on impact and cause visible paint stains that make it easy to tell when someone has been hit. The paint can sometimes be a little difficult to clean off. They are biodegradable. 

Gel balls are much smaller than paintballs – they’re more similar in size to BB pellets. They are filled with watery gel. It isn’t as messy on impact, making it less obvious to know when you’ve hit someone. This means players must show a little more integrity. They are, however, easier to wipe away and they are also biodegradable.

Paintball guns vs. gel blasters

Paintball guns are operated using a CO2 tank. This propels the paintballs out at speed. You can buy paintball guns online or hire them from an arena.

Gel blasters use a motor and water to propel their gel balls. The gel balls don’t have the same velocity as paintballs or BB pellets. You can buy gel blasters at sites like Gel Ball Undercover. Arenas similarly allow you to hire these guns (if you can find an arena that hosts gel balling games).

Which one hurts more?

Paintball can be more painful. You’re more likely to get bruises from a paintball game. It depends a lot, however, on the angle and distance as to whether a paintball shot is likely to hurt.

Gel balls can still sting but you’re much less likely to get bruises. Short-range firing should still be avoided.

In both cases, you should wear a mask to protect your eyes and mouth. 

Which is more realistic?

Paintball guns don’t look quite as realistic as gel blasters. This is because of the CO2 tanks sticking out of them. 

Gel blasters can look very much like normal guns. This is ideal if you want more realism, but you should be careful when traveling with these guns as they may raise more security concerns. 

Which is more affordable?

Paintballing tends to be more expensive than gel balling. The price of paintballs is much more than that of gel balls. 

When it comes to the guns, both paintball guns and gel blasters can be priced similarly depending on the style you’re after. 

Paintballing or gel balling?

Both paintballing and gel balling are very fun combat sports that provide a simulation of being in a gunfight without actually shooting each other with bullets. Paintballing is much more popular and you’re likely to find many more arenas where you can play paintball than arenas that do gel balling. That said, gel balling could be more affordable if you can find it, plus you’re less likely to end up with bruises.

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