Baker John Now Has a Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf, Here’s How You Can Enjoy It

If you’re looking for something new to try, here’s a recommendation: Baker John’s new Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf. This new loaf combines the unique taste of cinnamon with the well-loved sweetness and creaminess of chocolate.

Each slice comes with a swirl of chocolate and sprinkles of cinnamon. It’s a unique flavor that I usually enjoy as a dessert, or paired with my morning coffee or afternoon tea. If I’m feeling a bit decadent, I put a generous amount of crunchy peanut butter. The three flavors go well and the crunchy peanut butter gives it a new and interesting texture.

There are many ways to dress up Baker John’s Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf.

You can add your favorite jams or spreads, like what I do with my peanut butter. Or you can add chocolate spread and sprinkle it with chocolate chips.

You can also make French toast and have it as a mid-day snack. All you need to do is mix egg, vanilla, cinnamon, and milk, then dip the slices of Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf. Cook them on a griddle or skillet on medium heat until both sides have turned brown. Add your favorite toppings and you’re done! Add some French music in the background and a cup of hot cocoa to complete the sweet vibe of being out of the country – while at home.

What I love about Baker John’s Chocolate Cinnamon Loaf is that it can be enjoyed in different ways. It’s good on its own and you can add your personal touch to it!


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