5 Best Plants For Your Fish Pond

Fish ponds provide aesthetic value to gardens and outdoor spaces. They mirror the zen and refreshing feeling of bodies of water such as streams, lakes, and rivers. Plus, they are also excellent human-made habitats for larger fish and various aquatic plants.

As a plantito or plantita, you might want to add a few water plants to your pond area to expand your plant collection. Here are five of the best plants suitable for your fish pond.

Water lilies

Photo by Amandine P. on Unsplash

Perhaps the most iconic pond plant, water lilies are stunning floating plants for ponds. They thrive in cooler waters with less sun, so homeowners of Forbes Park houses with lots of shaded areas may place water lilies in their fish ponds. Plus, they also provide the zen-like vibe of many Chinese and Japanese gardens, so water lilies are great for koi ponds.


If you have a smaller pond, frogbits might be the best floating aquatic plants for you. They look like tiny water lily pads and provide shade and shelter for smaller fish. They are also perfect for aquarium setups, so condo unit owners in Makati may place them in their fish tanks.

Frogbits tend to grow and multiply fast. Check your pond for any thick frogbit growth, then trim them accordingly. You want to regularly remove tiny floater plants as they may be habitats for other animals such as tadpoles and insect larvae. You wouldn’t want to overpopulate your pond with other unwanted creatures.

Water hyacinth

Water hyacinths are free-floating flowering plants that add beauty to any fish pond. They can grow in shallow waters and deep fish ponds. Besides being beautiful, they are hardy flowering plants that can withstand both cold and temperate climates. Place them on your ponds for more vibrant and colorful water features in your garden.

Make sure to check your water hyacinth’s growth as they reproduce fast and spread quickly. Cut them regularly to keep them from overpowering your other plants. But if you have koi fish in your pond, they’ll help regulate your hyacinth’s growth as they eat the flower’s roots and stalks.


Photo by Jay Castor on Unsplash

Water lotuses are another popular pond plant. They look similar to water lilies, except they have larger flowers, and their leaves rise above the water. Lotuses are perfect for larger fish ponds. Dwarf lotuses are available for smaller water features.

Lotuses require little to no maintenance but prefer specific conditions to thrive. It is best to place them in ponds at least 18 inches deep with temperatures of around 24°C to 31°C (75°F to 87°F). Lotuses also thrive in low humidity, so you might want to place them in a shaded portion of your pond.

Scouring rush

If you want to make your pond look more natural and as if it is in the wild, scouring rushes are ideal plants to place on your pond’s edge. They resemble bamboo grass, only thinner and shorter. Scouring rushes are excellent in filtering water, making it easier for you to maintain your pond’s cleanliness. They also provide shade for your pond and fish, helping regulate the temperature of the water.

To sum up, your fish pond will look more beautiful and natural with these five water plants. Plan your next pond layout and decide which of these five greens will suit your pond environment best.

Cover photo by Katherine McAdoo on Unsplash.

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