LOOK: Google Uses Poetry and Animation to Teach Digital Responsibility

The internet is a wild place. I love how I can use it to learn new things, express my creativity, and stay in touch with my loved ones. It can be scary, too. Trolls and fake news abound, and there’s always a new form of kalat every day. It’s a double-edged sword.

Recently, Google launched a collection of spoken word poetry and animated videos on its local YouTube channel. It aims to teach digital responsibility and help Filipinos be better netizens and stewards of the internet. The content is developed by the youth volunteers of Teach Peace Build Peace Movement (TPBPM), an NGO which aims to build peace online and in vulnerable communities nationwide.

The themes of the YouTube videos are kindness; the value of strong passwords and online security; critical thinking, oversharing prevention, and courage online. Together with YouTube’s reach of over 40 million Filipinos, digital responsibility can be effectively taught to more people online using videos of creative expression.

Watch some of the videos below:

The spoken word poetry is written and produced by TiTik Poetry, a youth group from Cavite that strives to use words and art to make a social impact.

Meanwhile, the animated videos were illustrated and animated by Christwin Felix, a volunteer, who has been teaching multimedia arts for more than 10 years. The stories were written by Grace Bufi, a housewife and a passionate storyteller. Grace, along with her husband Rey Bufi, established the Basa Bookstore and The Storytelling Project, a non-profit organization that aims to spark hope, inspiration, and imagination through storytelling.

Dingdong Dantes provided the voice-over in all the five animated videos playing the role of the “Badge Giver,” a character who explains the moral of the story. YouTube creator Janina Vela introduces, narrates, and concludes each of the stories to highlight the lessons.

I hope that through these videos, we can be more careful online, and be kinder to everyone, on and off the internet.


This story is in partnership with Google. For more information, follow them on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. To watch all the videos, visit the YouTube channel.

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