Side Hustles From Home You’ve Never Thought Of

With the pandemic putting people, both in and out of work, at home, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to and seeing the value in having a stay-at-home-job. Working from home grants you time with your kids, allows you to sleep in a little later, and doesn’t require a full get-up! It’s incredible, to say the least, yet some people are finding it difficult or intimidating to find work online. These jobs can even be done for people who live in mobile homes (RVs, vans, buses, etc.).

Although essential jobs have limited the types of work you can find yourself developing in, it’s important not to mistake this for job scarcity. Jobs are abundant, as always; they just might require a little more searching to find. Online work that some people will think of first will require some sort of credentials, such as marketing, graphic design, or coding. 

Forget the credentials! You are enough. Three jobs that are available to anyone, and not as well known, are drop shipping, shipping bids, and customer service representation. 

Drop shipping

Drop shipping has been increasing in popularity, as it is as easy as it is made out to be. Anyone can use tools like Shopify, a web designing platform, to create an easy-to-create, easy-to-use website for your online store. 

Then, you choose the items you would like to sell from varying companies, upload them to your site, attach your personal link, which will directly link to the warehouse the item comes from. This will tell the company that you made a sale and where they need to ship it to!

The only “work” you have to do is develop your site and market it. You can market it organically through word of mouth, social media following, or directly messaging like-minded individuals. You can also use tools like Facebook and Google Business to advertise your products.

The best part? The money you use to purchase your website account, domain, and any marketing/advertising tools and courses, can all be accounted for your deductibles in the following tax season!

Shipping bids

If you’ve never heard of this, don’t worry, not many people have! This job is especially great for the individual that enjoys living on the road. 

With sites like Shiply, you can receive notifications within your parameters when something needs to be shipped. Items can include big things like cars, or smaller things, the list never ends! So whatever you are set up to do will work. You can choose to deliver things nearby or to faraway places. 

When you find a match, you bid how much you wish to receive, and the customer will approve or deny. The rest is self-explanatory, deliver or bid again! Click here to learn more

Customer service reception

You know that person you were rude to when you had an issue with something you purchased? That person you, or someone you know, called on the phone, and was demanded a refund or future discount? 

Okay, so it’s not always such a negative experience–some of you were really nice, too! That person is a customer service representative.

If you have the ability to shrug off other people’s complaints and insults, to turn a negative situation into a positive, and enjoy working from the luxury of your couch in yesterday’s clothes, then you might be the perfect fit! Companies, like banks and e-commerce stores, are always looking for people to answer phones!


Cover photo from Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

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