5 Ways to Make Protein Shakes Taste 10 Times Better

Protein shakes are great if you’re trying to build muscle – or even if you want a nutritious snack that also keeps you hydrated between meals. They’ve become very popular in the last few years but some people absolutely hate them. When made badly, protein shakes have a horrible taste that often makes you gag. So, you’re about to see some suggestions that will drastically improve the taste of your protein shakes!

Use a blender

Firstly, use a blender to mix the shake up. Loads of people hate protein shakes because the powder doesn’t mix properly and you get little clumps. This is what makes you gag and puts you off them for life. With a blender, everything is blitzed up without a problem.

Add coffee

Coffee is an excellent flavor to add to your protein shakes. Why? Because it’s overpowering! If you have coffee in a recipe, you best believe it will be the dominant flavor. Make a cup of coffee using your normal coffee machine, then pour it into your shake mixture. Blend it all up and you’ve got yourself a tasty shake that perks you up in the morning. For this reason, it’s probably best you saved this idea for morning protein shakes. If you want to have one later in the day, you could use decaffeinated coffee or try a different idea instead. 

Add peanut butter

Speaking of powerful flavors, peanut butter is brilliant in protein shakes. Again, it overpowers almost every other flavor, so it cancels out the bad protein taste. Or, as you can see on steelsupplements.com, you could buy peanut butter flavored protein. This saves you from adding it to the mixture and can prevent it from getting too thick. Either way, peanut butter is a flavoring you need to add.

Add fruit

Again, fruit is a fantastic addition to protein shakes. Not only does it boost the nutritional value of the drink, but it also adds more flavor. Banana is a strong flavor to add, as is raspberry. Or, you could add a mixture of fruits to blend some flavors and really disguise the protein taste!

Serve it cold

Finally, you need to serve your protein shakes cold. There are a couple of ways you can do this. Firstly, make the shake and put it in the fridge for an hour or so. Then, take it out and drink a cold shake. Secondly, you can add ice to the shake – either while it’s blending or after. The choice is yours but cold protein shakes taste so much nicer than lukewarm ones. It’s the same as any drink really; it’s a lot easier to drink and more enjoyable when it’s cold. 


So, these five changes can improve your protein shakes by some distance. They will taste a lot nicer and be far easier for you to stomach. The key thing for me is getting a good blender. If your shakes are lumpy, no amount of additions will save them! Once the consistency is smooth, then you can start adding flavors to improve the taste.

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