I Tried GrabMart, Where You Can Get Groceries in 60 Minutes or Less

I love going to the grocery. There’s just something soothing about walking along the aisles looking for a specific item or just wandering aimlessly. I used to stop by the supermarket after I hit the gym, which meant I’d be there three to four times a week. With the COVID-19 threat still looming and discouraging everyone from going out, it’s obvious that my “therapy” has been cut. I now rely on online sellers and food deliveries. I’ve only gone to the grocery twice since March, which means I rarely cook.

Recently, I discovered that Grab launched the GrabMart feature, which lets you get your groceries and other essentials in 60 minutes or less. If they exceed that time, the delivery fee will be waived on your next order. As someone who hasn’t gone to the grocery in a while, I was curious to try it.

I woke up one day and realized I didn’t have any food for lunch. I thought it was the perfect time to try out the GrabMart feature. I woke up on the late side and definitely needed food right away. I was in the mood to cook, so I opened the app and checked it out.

Using GrabMart is actually easy. Just click on the Mart tab and you’ll see all the stores that can deliver to you. You can choose by category, like “Pantry Supplies,” “Beverage,” “Fresh” or “Frozen Goods” (for meat, produce, and fish), “Personal Care” and “Pharmacies.” You can also browse through all the stores that are within reach.

Some stores that deliver to me are FamilyDOC Pharmacy, Generika Drugstore, Assi Fresh Plaza (for Korean food and ingredients), the Unilever Store, Mumuso, and Barcino. Remember, the list will depend on your location so you’ll have more options if you live in bigger cities. Ah, south life.

I was feeling carnivorous so I tapped on Rare Food Shop in Paranaque. I’ve been hearing about Bolzico Beef so I ordered the ready-to-cook Beef Korean BBQ and Beef Tapa from Chingolo Deli (the butchery selling the famed Argentinian protein), the in-house Salpicao using Bolzico Beef, and some beef cubes for caldereta. I placed my order at exactly 11:30AM and went about answering emails and doing other chores.

Lo and behold, my orders arrived at exactly 12:20PM or 50 minutes since I placed my order! This was even more impressive when you consider that the store was farther than I expected and the rider had to make another delivery before me.

I cooked the Beef Tapa and happily ate it for lunch. All without having to shower, dress up, and go out to buy.

The possibilities for GrabMart are endless. I opened the app today and found that a grocery has been added to the list of merchants. I can get frozen goods and produce from Rare Food Shop and other specialty stores. The Unilever Store has all my grooming essentials. Medicine? There’s FamilyDOC Pharmacy and Generika Drugstore. Everything that I could possibly need in a supermarket is inside one app.

If you need groceries and you can’t go out (or you’re scared to, like me), you can use GrabMart. You can get all your essentials in 60 minutes or less!


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