This Sushi Bake is Perfect For Those with HUGE Appetites

Out of all the food trends that came out during the quarantine, the sushi bake is my favorite. I love Japanese food so it didn’t take a lot to convince me to jump on this trend. I actually got to try this twice a few years ago. The first was at a family gathering. I didn’t know what it was called but my mom knew what it was and taught me how to eat it. The second was at a party and the host called it sushi crack because it’s addictive (it was). I kept thinking about those dishes and wondered when I can try them again. Thankfully, a lot of people picked it up and offered it on the market.

I’ve tried a few sushi bakes and they were delicious, but I found the most decadent I’ve tried. It’s perfect for those with huge appetites. By huge, I mean it. It’s from Salmon HQ, a business that specializes in, well, salmon. They serve sashimi, salmon cake, and of course the trending sushi bake.

Here are the flavors I got to try:

Crunchy California Bake

The first thing you notice about the Crunchy California Bake is that it is overflowing, literally. The sushi bake goes past the pan’s height, proving that Salmon HQ doesn’t scrimp on their ingredients. This version is packed to the brim with kani, mango, and tempura flakes, offering a medley of sweet (kani and mango), savory (seasoned rice), and spicy (sauce on top). The generous serving of tempura flakes adds a crunch that I appreciate. This is perfect for those who want to try California Maki with a twist. The small is P500 and the large is P1,200.

Spicy Aburi Scallop Salmon Ebi

Like the Crunchy California Bake, this one is overflowing, this time with ingredients. There are shrimps, scallops, kani, salmon, and more. It may sound overwhelming, but all the flavors are tied together by the rice’s seasoning. That’s right, even their rice is upgraded, so you’re not just getting plain rice with baked ingredients on top. Each bite of the Spicy Aburi Scallop Salmon Ebi offers something new because there are so many ingredients in one pan. The small is P700 and the large is P1,600.

I enjoyed Salmon HQ’s sushi bake because you definitely get more than what you pay for. Lots of ingredients in a huge serving? Now that’s sushi bake that’s perfect for hungry people like me. I will definitely try their third flavor: the Uni and Scallops Aburi. I bet it’s going to taste as good as it sounds.


This story is in partnership with Salmon HQ. To order, you can send a message at 0922 894 3679 or send an email to Salmon HQ accepts payments via BPI, Metrobank, PayMaya, and GCash. Pickups are by Grab, Lalamove, and more. For more information, visit the Facebook page.

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