10 Gifts Perfect During the GCQ (and How to Socially Distance While Buying)

Birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions are still pushing through even with the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s a good thing that the general quarantine (GCQ) allowed some stores to open, which makes buying gifts a little bit easier. Of course, I still believe in only going out for the essentials, so it’s a good idea to make this a pit stop the next time you go out for groceries.

Here are some gift ideas that are helpful during the GCQ:

1. Baking supplies


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A lot of people seem to have turned to baking during the quarantine. Indulge their sweet tooth by getting them baking essentials, such as flour, cocoa, measuring cups, or a whisk. If you’re feeling generous, you can also buy them a small oven. Who knows? It might get them started on a new online business!

2. Books


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Those looking to entertain themselves while at home will appreciate new books. Find out what genre they’re interested in and get them the latest title. Plus points for getting them a nice cover or edition!

3. Fitness equipment


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Fitness took a backseat as the government asked us to stay at home. Gyms are closed and even jogging was frowned upon. The GCQ has loosened up some of the rules, so it might be a good idea to get some basic equipment, like dumbbells or a jump rope. A jump rope is ideal since it’s a good cardio activity that will burn some serious calories.

4. Coffee or tea


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Many of us are working from home, which makes coffee or tea a great gift. A fresh bag of ground coffee beans is a good idea to help them get started in the mornings, while chamomile tea can help them relax after a long day.

5. His or her favorite snacks


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Complement coffee or tea with their favorite snacks. Get them chips, nuts, or the sweet treat of their choice. This can be enjoyed while working, watching their favorite movies or TV shows, or just relaxing.

6. Bedsheets


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What better way to enjoy a Netflix marathon and some treats than with new bedsheets? The cool weather calls for something warm, so a duvet and a cover would make a great gift. Make sure to pick one out in their favorite color!

7. A journal


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People might think that a  journal or a planner may not be the most useful thing now since we’re all stuck at home, but there’s value in writing down your thoughts. Writing them down may help you see things from another perspective, and is another form of “letting it all out.” The difference is, no one else will read it. I’ve been keeping journals for most of my life and it’s fun to look back and see where my head was many years ago.

8. Scented candles


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Scented candles are great and add just a touch of luxury to normal days. Certain aromas are known to relieve stress and calm you down, which is great because of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 situation. Choose between lavender, eucalyptus, or chamomile to experience relaxation.

9. Skincare products


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Speaking of stress, why not gift them with skincare products? A couple of sheet masks will go a long way, and you can replenish their supply if you know what products they’re using. Not everyone might be able to go out to buy their favorite moisturizer or serum, so a helping hand is much appreciated.

10. Haircare products


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Salons and barbershops may have opened but I personally don’t recommend going to them because we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. Why not make haircare for them by buying scissors, an electric razor, or the hair dye that they use? That way, they won’t have to wait for it to be safe, which in reality, might take a few more months.


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