12 Home Decor Ideas You Can Try During Lockdown

During this lockdown period, it is important for us to find things to do around the house and garden that will be useful in the long run. 

When we have been stuck in the same property staring at the same walls for weeks on end, we all need a change, and today I’m taking a look at fun decor ideas to make your home feel like a new place. 

Follow me with these simple tips to spruce up the house during lockdown and fill your days with useful tasks! 

1. Fix the driveway

Over time, your driveway will get dirty, and it may also become bumpy due to plant roots growing underneath the paving stones. Now that we are in lockdown, it is the ideal time to spend a few hours tackling the problem by getting rid of plants, flattening the paving stones, and filling in gaps with concrete. 

2. Make a good impression 

Although we know that no one will be coming to your house right now… eventually, after this is all over you’ll want to invite family and friends over. To ensure that you make a great first impression, take the entryway and create something more inviting. You can do this with a fresh coat of paint, candles, and a plant or two to make the space feel warm and alive. 

3. Let there be light

One of the best ways to spruce up a home without too much work is swapping out your light fittings and bulbs for new ones. LED lights are much more effective than halogen and will make the home feel much brighter and lighter as a result. By changing the lights in your house or even putting more around the home, your house will feel bigger and more luxurious. 

4. Use reflections 

A great way to make any home feel big and bright is mirrors. By strategically placing mirrors all over the house, you can make a huge difference to the atmosphere. If you have a small living room, hanging a large mirror on the wall will make the room feel much bigger instantly. Small changes like this can make your house feel much better. 

5. Mural the wall 

If you are bored today and you have a lot of time on your hands, why not paint a mural on the wall? You can create a fun mural on your kitchen or living room wall using pictures, geometric shapes, and much more. There are plenty of great ideas for wall murals at home online so have a look and see what you can create! 

6. Hang a basket… or two 

If you love flowers and are looking for a way to make the front of your home look more inviting, hanging baskets and window troughs are the way to go. You can plant flowers such as pansies, sweet peas, and busy Lizzie’s in baskets at the front of the home. It will brighten up the space and make it feel beautiful and brand new. Every time people pass your home they will wish they had your flowers. 

7. Feng shui

We’ve all heard of feng shui, but what is it? This is a Chinese interior design concept that revolves around making the home feel calm, relaxing, and positive. By learning the art of feng shui during lockdown, you will be able to get rid of items in the house that you don’t need or use. You’ll also be able to sell items to make a little extra cash while stuck at home. 

8. Finishing touches 

Ornaments, plants, candles…. all of these small items can turn a house into a home. When decorating your house it is important not to forget the little things that transform your rooms and make them feel warmer and more alive. For inspiration, take a look at sites such as IKEA or even look on Pinterest and see how people use small items to create depth in design. There is a lot you can do with a candle or two and it will make a big impact on the loom and feel of your home. 

9. Soften the bedroom 

The bedroom should be a relaxing paradise for us to chill out and sleep after a long day of work. If your bedroom is lackluster or brightly colored, it is time to make a change and create a relaxing space that encourages a good night’s sleep. A great bedroom design includes muted or dark colors, metallic tones such as silver and white. For example, a dark blue wall behind the bed, coupled with silver accessories and white walls can be simple but effective. You can add nature-focused artwork to the space for a peaceful atmosphere and this will make the space feel wonderful. 

10. Change the curtains 

If you have plain and boring curtains all over the house, a simple change of color can do a lot for the look and feel of the home. By simply changing your curtains from white to a color such as green, you can change the dynamic of a room and bring life into it. Have some fun playing with colors that match your color scheme and this will make a big difference to your interior design. 

11. Rearrange 

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on changing the house during lockdown, but you still want to update your home, make it your mission to rearrange the furniture this week. Simply changing where your TV or sofa is in a room can make the whole room feel brand new and it can also help bring more light into the house. 

12. A wall herb garden 

The kitchen is the heart of the home and one way to make it feel more alive and bright is to hang a wall herb garden. You can buy these online and it will be the perfect decoration to display your favorite herb plants such as rosemary, thyme, and basil: and when you have this in the kitchen you’ll also get the added benefit of fresh herbs and extra flavor for every dish!

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