You Can Now Buy Contraceptives Online Amidst the Community Quarantine

Dima ( launches its one-stop online shop for sexual health where Filipinos can conveniently, safely, and privately access affordable contraceptives. With Dima’s website launched, Filipinos can now purchase reproductive and sexual health drugs online instead of buying them physically from a pharmacy, especially during an enhanced community quarantine in the country.

Dima is named after the Tagalog goddess of childbirth, Diyan Masalanta, and offers birth control pills, impotence medication for erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment, condoms, and pregnancy tests. The website is officially running its full operations within Metro Manila as it promises to be a reliable source for sexual health needs, becoming the only FDA-approved online pharmacy in the Philippines.

The launch comes at the perfect time, as access to medicines and sexual health drugs such as birth control pills are becoming scarce during the enhanced community quarantine. This becomes difficult for women who have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or those prescribed to take pills regularly as their birth control method.

Driven by the motivation to address sexual health in the country, siblings Carlo and Julia Cu Unjieng founded Dima seeking to make reproductive health easier and more accessible to everyone, especially now when medical supplies are limited. They believe that accessing these products should be simple and stress-free, especially in the midst of a health outbreak.


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“We recognize the high demand for accessible birth control, especially during these trying times. Dima is committed to providing our services and making sexual health more available for everyone by delivering birth control pills right at your doorstep, maintaining social distance,” says Carlo Cu Unjieng, co-founder of Dima.

To avail Dima’s products, customers can visit and will be required to fill out a medical form for every prescription product sold on the site. Dima’s partner doctors will immediately review the orders within 24-36 hours and once approved, customers will receive their products in no time. Prescriptions written by a customer’s own doctor are also honored.

Committed to complete transparency, Dima ensures that product descriptions not only include ingredients but details benefits, and possible side effects as well. Aside from making sexual health products available online and ensuring all products are safe for each customer, Dima also aims to tackle sexual health issues by making sexual health information more available through informative blog articles and infographics hosted on their website.

Ultimately, Dima aims to empower individuals to make their own decisions on sexual health despite the stigma surrounding the topic, by providing access to these products through convenient and safe transactions through a judgment-free platform.


This story is in partnership with Dima. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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