Lounging at Home is Now More Comfortable with Jack ‘n Jill Plushies

As a writer that can work from anywhere, my favorite days are when I can just stay at home. I don’t have to worry about traffic, spending money, and I can take naps or watch Netflix between deadlines. There are plenty of comfortable spots around the house for working and lounging, and one of my favorites is the living room. It’s bright, airy, and comfortable, so it’s the perfect spot to sit around to create content or read a good book.

The past few weeks have been chill, which means I have more than enough time to catch up on my series and books. I’m about to watch the season five finale of BoJack Horseman and I just finished reading Geisha of Gion, in time for my Japan trip.

Lately, my lounge-time has become more comfortable with my Presto Creams plush pillow. Toys “R” Us collaborated with Jack ‘n Jill to create a line of plush collectibles featuring the latter’s cookies and treats. Right now, they have some of our favorite snacks, including Magic Flakes Cheese, Cream-O, Nips Milk Chocolate, Nips Chocolate Peanut Deluxe, and Maxx.

These pillows are perfect for afternoons at home, but you can also bring them on road trips with friends and family, and maybe even flights. It’s just so comfortable.

The pillows come in two different sizes: Presto Creams and Cream-O in regular bonbon size for a suggested retail price of P299.75; and Nips Chocolate, Magic Flakes Cheese, and Maxx in standard huggable pillow size for a suggested retail price of  P269.75. They’re available in Toys “R” Us stores nationwide.


This story is in partnership with Jack ‘n Jill. For more information, visit the website.

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