I Switched to a Water Purifier and I’m So Happy!

I’m a heavy water drinker so I always need to have some of the stuff nearby. I carry a Hydro Flask with me wherever I go, and I easily go through those gallons of water I have delivered at home. The thing is, as someone who is living on his own, there are times when I’d be so busy to call for a delivery, much less be there to receive it when it arrives. Another issue is, it’s expensive in the long run. So imagine my joy when my friends from Legande, Inc. offered to install a water purifier at home. I immediately said yes!

What is a water purifier?

Simply put, a water purifier, or filter, refers to a system that filters out particles and pollutants from water. It removes particles, sediment, bacteria, and chlorine from water and makes it potable or ready to drink.

What water purifier is best?

There are different brands of water purifiers so it’s hard to say what’s best, but I’m happy with my Aquadome from Multipure. Multipure is a premier manufacturer of high-quality drinking water systems and they’ve been at it for 50 years. They’re so trusted that they have been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation, Inc., an organization that aims to improve global health.

Multipure is now available in the Philippines thanks to Legande, Inc., a new company that makes home products that are indispensable to everyday living. They have a line of 100% pure essential oils, argan oil, and Life Enzyme, a supplement that contains 150 all-natural whole fruits and vegetables, some of which are ancient Chinese herbs.

How to install a water purifier?

The installation process depends on the water purifier you’re getting from Multipure. The Aquaversa is installed below the sink, which may need a few screws to attach it to the wall, but the Aquadome is the simplest. It’s right next to the sink, and you just need to install the cord to your faucet. Me being clueless and helpless, I got help from the Multipure team so they can install it for me. They are so hands-on that they proactively contact their customers when it is time for the filters to be replaced.

They also have an Aqua Mini and an Aquashower, which gives healthier and young-looking skin, softer hair, relief from dry skin and scalp, and less fading for color-treated hair. It also removes 90% or more of free chlorine.

What are the benefits of a water purifier?

Drinking water is now clean since it’s now been treated. It also offers better-tasting drinks, like juices, teas, and coffee. Fruits and vegetables are also said to taste much better when rinsed with filtered water. Most importantly, it’s cost-effective since you’re just paying for the device, which is permanent.

My verdict

It’s hard to review water, especially its taste, but I’m happy with my Multipure. The filtered water is refreshing and clean-tasting. I can say this with confidence because I’ve tried boiling tap water and it tasted weird. I also love how I can have potable water any time of day and not have to worry about running out. This is a real problem for me. There are times when I’d have to buy bottled water in convenience stores for days, just because I don’t have time to call or receive a delivery. It’s a hassle and quite frankly, very expensive. So yay for Multipure!


This story is in partnership with Legande, Inc. For more information, visit the newly-launched website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram. You may purchase the products on the website or visit them at Suite 406 West Tower, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Barangay San Antonio, Pasig City, Metro Manila. You may also call +63 (2) 8 635-6566 to 68, +63 (917) 579-8523 (Globe), or +63 (999) 999-0812 (Smart).

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