Here’s How Twitter Encouraged “Bayanihan” During the #TaalEruption2020

More than being the go-to platform for people to keep updated on #WhatsHappening, Twitter provides an avenue for people to participate in events, even in times of crisis. This has been observed when the Philippines’ second most active volcano erupted recently.

With the eruption of Taal Volcano since January 12, Filipinos flocked to Twitter to stay updated on how the situation unfolded in Batangas and nearby provinces, including Metro Manila. People were quick to share updates from where they were, giving the Twiiterverse a picture of the gravity of the incident. Bayanihan – the Filipino spirit of unity was evident on the platform from sharing important essential information to initiating donation drives for afflicted families.

Here’s how Filipinos on Twitter showed bayanihan amidst the calamity:

1. Hashtags for real-time updates

During times of crisis, hashtags can be a powerful tool to stay updated on current affairs. Filipinos, as well as government and/or NGOs, were quick to use hashtags such as #TaalEruption2020, #TaalVolcano, and #WalangPasok to share information and the situation in their area.

2. Following and retweeting verified information from trusted accounts

Reliable and verified accounts were followed by the Filipinos. People started to retweet from these accounts to help spread pertinent and verified information to help others keep updated.

3. A call for relief efforts

Filipinos were quick to take matters into their own hands- this time by using Twitter as a tool to help the Taal evacuees. People set up their own relief operations to help the evacuees and connect people looking for volunteering opportunities. In these instances, Filipinos on Twitter used the hashtag #ReliefPH.

On Twitter, nobody gets left behind. Filipinos did not forget to rescue the animals that lived within the area and also initiated relief drives for them.

4. A keen eye on misinformation

Filipinos were very careful about what information they shared. Hence, they opted to retweet information from credible sources like trusted media, government agencies or NGO/relief organizations and encouraged others to verify the news first before sharing.

Twitter is where breaking news and announcements from government agencies, relief organizations, and media are shared. From volunteers to citizens, Twitter helps every person in the Philippines see what’s happening in real-time when they need it the most. Check out#TaalEruption2020 to always be updated on the latest news about the eruption or #ReliefPH if you want to lend a helping hand and volunteer to help the Taal evacuees.


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