Check Out the Tea Lattes at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Enjoy The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Tea Lattes and be transported to a different place, time, and vibe with each flavorful drink.

The Coffee Bean’s tea lattes are a delicious blend of freshly pulled shots of concentrated tea leaves combined with steamed milk and French Deluxe vanilla or chocolate powder. The teas are hand-plucked, taking only the top two leaves and a bud, and sourced directly from farmers.

What are Coffee Bean’s tea flavors? Check them out below:

Chai Tea Latte

Coffee Bean’s Chai extract mix is combined with French Deluxe vanilla powder and topped with thick foam. It offers the perfect deliciously mellow blend of rich, black tea infused with sweet spice flavors of cinnamon. Choose Chai Tea Latte and have it iced for a refreshing drink.

Tropical Passion Tea Latte

Chinese black tea is blended with passion fruit, guava, malva, and marigold flowers. These are then mixed with French Deluxe vanilla powder, steamed milk, and foam to offer a delicate floral and fruity melange.

Double Vanilla Tea Latte

The simple combination of Vanilla Ceylon Tea with French Deluxe vanilla powder is given texture with (steamed or iced) milk and foam for a rich and buttery aroma.

Moroccan Mint Tea

The decadent Moroccan Mint Tea uses the finest Gunpowder Green Tea from China, flavored with richly aromatic peppermint infused with Special Dutch chocolate powder, steamed milk, and foam.

English Breakfast Tea Latte

This combination of English Breakfast Tea with French Deluxe vanilla powder, steamed milk, and foam give added depth and creaminess to each sip. For an iced option, cold fresh milk is poured over ice and combined with English Breakfast tea and French Deluxe vanilla powder.

African Sunrise Tea Latte

Take your tastebuds on an exotic summer trip with Coffee Bean’s African Sunrise Tea Latte, a blend of African Honeybush and Orange Peel with French Deluxe vanilla powder.

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Matcha powder is combined with steamed milk and foam for a silky texture and distinctive Matcha Green Tea Latte flavor that is simultaneously earthy and vegetal with a sweet finish.

Coffee Bean’s tea lattes are available year-round in all branches.


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