LOOK: Tim Hortons Partners with Hershey’s This Christmas

One of the things I look forward to during Christmas is the flurry of seasonal treats from my favorite restaurants and coffee shops. This year, Tim Hortons partnered with Hershey’s to create a limited-edition drink and treat. I got to try it out recently and loved it!

Together, Tim Hortons and Hershey’s created the Dark Chocolate Iced Capp and the Truffle Timbits, which go well together as an afternoon treat, dessert, or reward after a good day.

Tim Hortons’ signature Iced Capp is generously added with Hershey’s Cocoa Powder and drizzled with chocolate sauce. You know the chocolate syrup that we usually add to ice cream? It tastes like it, except you won’t feel guilty finishing an entire glass. The Dark Chocolate Iced Capp is available in small (P155), medium (P175), and large (P190).

Meanwhile, the Truffle Timbits (P15 per piece) are Tim Hortons’ bite-sized signature treat, with the addition of a chocolate brownie filling and Hershey’s Snow Cocoa Powder. I like my flavors bold and strong, so I’d like more filling, but I enjoyed the generous serving of cocoa powder. It can be quite addictive and I found myself popping them in my mouth one after the other.

Tim Hortons’ partnership with Hershey’s is available in all stores but they’re a Christmas exclusive. You can only have them until January 5, 2020 so make the most of it now!

In other news, Tim Hortons have also partnered with The Cheesecake Factory for their cakes. Read more about it here.


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