Enjoy Adobo in Different Forms at Holiday Inn & Suites

We don’t have an official national dish, but ask anyone what it should be and chances are, they would say it’s adobo. The dish is known for being marinated in vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and black peppercorns, but there are countless ways to prepare it, depending on where you are in the Philippines. Holiday Inn & Suites is celebrating the dish with Adobo Nation, a month-long buffet offering where you can enjoy different versions at Flavors Restaurant.

Adobo Queen Nancy Reyes-Lumen worked with chefs Jen Seranilla and Jaja Andal to create an extensive menu featuring adobo, which you can enjoy every day this October. I was able to try some of these dishes and was surprised at how versatile this dish is.

There’s the sinful Adobo Chicken Roulade with Sisig Stuffing, the perfect dish for those who enjoy meat and lots of it. This pairs well with the Rodrigo’s Roast, or rolled pork belly braised adobo style. Of course, these dishes are best enjoyed with rice so you can get a scoopful of Adobo Paella.

Those who like seafood will enjoy the Adobong Tuna and the Stuffed Squid with Spiced Adobo Garlic Sauce. I especially liked the Adobong Tuna because it was new to my tastebuds!

Flavors Restaurant is covering all bases, even including a dessert dish. The Adobo Cheesecake has an intriguing flavor that balances sweet and savory. Holiday Inn is certainly good with cheesecakes. Their Ube is my favorite and I also enjoy the Red Velvet.

Out of all the dishes, my favorite would have to be the Adobo sa Turon. It’s a traditional turon (banana roll)  but it’s draped with a delicious adobo sauce. It’s more savory than sweet, though. I had four pieces.

If you plan to go, I suggest you really go around to explore the restaurant. I missed some intriguing dishes, like the Adobo Maki, Adobo Pizza, and Adobo Pasta.


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