Mabek Kawsek’s “Good Dog” Should Be Your Next Crime Read

I’ve always been interested in true crime. I love reading about serial killers and watching thrillers. Lately, I get my fix from My Favorite Murder, a true crime comedy podcast that has done more than tell me about fascinating deaths. They’ve also helped me with my mental health issues. It might sound confusing for those who don’t follow the show, but the hosts talk extensively about taking care of yourself and prioritizing your safety over politeness. Now, I have another title to add to my true crime obsession and it’s Mabek Kawsek’s Good Dog.

The novel is Kawsek’s second effort after Afraid to be Chinese. Good Dog follows the story of two women whose lives get increasingly tangled as they realize that the mysteries they must solve are part of a more sinister plot. One is a woman who speaks with the dead, while the other is a wealthy Chinay whose daughter has been kidnapped.

Aside from the interesting premise, what attracted me to Good Dog is its glowing reviews from top authors. Multi-awarded author Jose Dalisay said, “I had the pleasure of seeing this novel begin in my class, and even that early I was struck by the impishness of Mabek Kawsek’s imagination, by the deep vein of dark humor that ran through her work. There’s murder, mayhem, and mischief aplenty in this book, but it ends on an honest note, an increasingly rare quality in life as it is in fiction.”

Even Cristina Pantoja Hidalgo, a pioneer of creative non-fiction had this to say: “The story opens on a high note and that note is sustained till the last page. It moves at break-neck speed, backward and forward in time and space, thrusting characters and readers into situations that seem, initially implausible, but turn out to be alarmingly familiar.”

If you’re into true crime, this should be on your reading list. The book was launched just last month, and is now available for P395 in National Book Store, NBS Express, and Powerbooks branches nationwide and online.


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