Andok’s Launches Its Spicy Dokito For Those Who Like It Hot

One of my staple dishes growing up is fried chicken. It’s a reliable dish that everyone seems to love, even kids notorious for being picky with food. One of the staple franchises for fried chicken is Andok’s, which has its iconic Dokito. Now, those who like it hot have a new option as Andok’s has its all-new Spicy Dokito!

The new Spicy Dokito uses real chili during the marination process to ensure both spiciness and flavor will penetrate the meat of the chicken. Andok’s uses only the best hot peppers in the market, so customers can get a real hot treat, even after eating the skin. Sorry, I’m not the type of person who saves the skin for last. I have a low emotional quotient.

The launch of the Andok’s Spicy Dokito coincided with the announcement of the brand’s first-ever celebrity brand ambassador: Piolo Pascual!

Pascual is a well-loved TV and movie actor, singer, model, producer, and animal advocate. Apart from his good looks, he’s known for being funny and makulit, which ties to the Spicy Dokito’s anghangkulit. He even starred in a funny commercial for it. I can’t seem to find it online but I hope they’re airing it on TV.

Andok’s Spicy Dokito is now available in all branches.


This story is in partnership with Andok’s. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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