Check Out the New Starbucks Summer Drinks!

Summer is here and I have had it. Officially. I’m not a big fan of the season so I’d find any excuse to stay in or go somewhere cool. Maybe I’ll catch a movie or eat out with friends, but my favorite is to pop into any Starbucks, order my favorite drink, and plop onto one of the couches and hang out with someone or read a good book. This year is going to be great because the new Starbucks summer drinks are out!

Starbucks Summer Drinks

This year, the store is launching four decadent Frappuccino beverages. The first is the Triple Mocha Frappuccino, which takes the Mocha Frappuccino and adds a generous layer of whipped cream infused with cold brew, white chocolate, dark caramel, and dark mocha sauce at the bottom of the cup. It’s also drizzled with rich dark mocha sauce at the top.

The next is the Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino, a drink that has whipped cream infused with cold brew, white chocolate, and dark caramel at the bottom, and buttery dark caramel sauce at the top.

Lastly, the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino is perfect for fans of the dessert. It blends chocolate chips, mocha sauce, raspberry and vanilla syrup, with a serving whipped cream at the top. All three will be permanent additions to the Starbucks menu so you can have them anytime of the year!

Another featured Starbucks summer drink is a returning favorite. At least, my favorite. The Mixed Berry Frappuccino with Pomegranate Pearls mixes berry sauce with velvety milk and dollops of pomegranate pearls that pleasantly pop in your mouth. It’s summery and refreshing! This drink will be available only until June 3.

The first three drinks also come in a cream-based format while the Mixed Berry only comes in cream-based. All drinks come in Tall (P170), Grande (P185), and Venti (P200) sizes.

Starbucks Food

Starbucks also launched a limited edition line of savory and sweet treats to enhance the summer experience.

For cakes, there’s the Apple Butterscotch Cheesecake (P175/slice and PP1,695/whole), which tops apple butterscotch cubes on a butter cookie crust and a dense New York cheesecake. For something richer, there’s the S’Mores Cake (P165/slice and P1,395/whole), featuring layers of chocolate chip cake and truffle filling on a graham crust. The fluffy toasted marshmallow icing is not to be missed.

Those looking to get a quick bite can try the Banana Chocolate Chia Cookie (P75), loaded with oats, banana, dark Belgian chocolate, and chia seeds. There’s also the Cheese Danish (P85), a flaky pastry filled with cream cheese. Yum!

For something savory, I recommend the Sausage Mushroom Puff (P125), a pastry stuffed with Italian sausage, mushroom, bell peppers, and mozzarella, cheddar, and Camembert cheese. The Chicken Parmigiana (P155) is also a nice treat, which puts slow-cooked chicken, mozzarrella and parmesan cheese, and Pomodoro sauce in between slices of toasted ciabatta bread.

If you’re watching your figure, the seasonal pomelos are also great (P145)!

Starbucks Coffee

If you’re like me who’s too lazy to go out for a cup of joe in this heat, you can try the new Starbucks Kopelani Blend (P695). The beans are sourced from East Africa and Latin America, with 10% coming in from the Hawaiian Ka’u’ region. These are grown in Ka’u’, whose sunny morning, rainy afternoons, and fertile volcanic soil yields a roasted sweet and caramel-flavored coffee with complementary notes of brown sugar and caramel.

Starbucks Cards

Starbucks card collectors will love the new summer-inspired designs. There’s the Popsicle Card featuring the sweet treat and a Frappuccino, while the Botanical Card shows an island scene with tropical plants. Both are available for an initial activation of P300.

Starbucks Promo!

Starbucks is doing a double star promo for mobile app users! Simply order one featured Frappuccino on the designated day using the app and you can automatically earn double stars. April 9 will be for the Triple Mocha Frappuccino, while April 10 will be for the Dark Caramel Coffee Frappuccino. On April 11 it’s the Red Velvet Cake Cream Frappuccino and on April 12, the Mixed Berry Frappuccino with Pomegranate Pearls.


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