How I Hacked My Brain to Make Me Want to Work Out More

I wasn’t fully committed to working out in 2018. I promised to exercise at least three times a week but I rarely completed my goal. I’m not sure how I lost 20 lbs. but I’m hoping to replicate my success this year. Last month, I renewed my membership and found a way to motivate me to want to work out more. And guess what? It works!

Here’s my secret

I watch an episode of a Netflix show while doing cardio. Cardio is my favorite and I run eight to nine kilometers for an hour, which is the amount of time for one episode (or three episodes of a 20-minute show). I finished You this way and I just finished three episodes of Sex Education. Because of this hack, I look for ways to squeeze in a session so I can find out what happens next in my shows.

The first week I did this, I went to the gym four days straight. I wanted to do five the following week but my calves were killing me so I only did four. I was swamped with work last week so I only went three times. Now, I feel bad when I don’t work out. Don’t worry, I’m not a gym bro… yet.

I’m not sure if I’ve made any progress since I don’t weigh myself, but I feel lighter and happier. Some of my clothes are also looser. I don’t have a goal or a timeline because I’m taking it one day at a time. No pressure. Right now, I’m just here for the ride and the next episode on Netflix.

My second secret to work out more

Since I’ve been working out more frequently, my laundry has increased and now I have to deal with more sweaty shirts. Thankfully, my friends from Downy told me about a new line of fabric conditioner that can help with active people like me. The new Sports variant offers¬†24-hour deodorant protection technology and is activated by rubbing the clothes to release the perfume bubbles.

I tried it out the first week I went on my workout marathon and it worked. I still smelled great after running nine kilometers. The best effect was the day after, though. I usually hang my sweat-drenched shirt to dry before I add to the hamper. The fragrance was gone the following morning but my shirts still smelled clean. If I didn’t know I used it at the gym the previous day, I would have stored it in my closet right away.

Now that I don’t have to worry about running out of fresh clothes, the only question I have is: will I finally have time to finish all my shows on Netflix?


This story is in partnership with Downy.¬†The new Downy Sports is available in all major retailers nationwide and on Shopee. For more information, visit Downy’s Facebook page.

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