Starbucks Has 4 New Teavana Beverages and I’m Excited to Try It All!

One of my favorite product lines in Starbucks is the Teavana collection. I get the English Breakfast and the Youthberry when I want to unwind, and I get the Iced Shaken Hibiscus Tea with Pomegranate Pearls if I need something light and refreshing on a hot day. Now there’s plenty more to choose from as Starbucks launches four additions to the selection.

Starting today, you can try the Oat & Green Tea Latte, Oat & Green Tea Frappuccino, Peach Black Tea Latte, and Chestnut Black Tea Latte.

The Oat & Green Tea Latte (Tall: P160 / Grande: P175 / Venti: P190) uses oat matcha powder and is drizzled with colorful, crunchy granola and fruit topping. The Frappuccino version (Tall: P180 / Grande: P195 / Venti: P210) is topped with coffee whipped cream, crunchy granola, and dried fruits.

For the Black Tea Lattes, the Peach (Tall: 160 / Grande: P175 / Venti: P190) variant takes creamy steamed milk, black tea, and hints of peach flavors while the more decadent Chestnut (Tall: 160 / Grande: P175 / Venti: P190) combines roasted chestnut sauce, smooth black tea, and steamed milk, and is topped with chestnut praline and freeze-dried strawberry toppings.

They will be available for a limited time only so better try it out soon!


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