WATCH: These Videos Show Families That #ShareAMomentOfJoy

After going through some tough times last year and this 2018, I realized that life isn’t perfect but you can achieve happiness with little pockets of joy. Self-care is about changing your perspective and looking at your stressors through a different lens, forgiving yourself, and finding things that make you happy. For some, it’s through hobbies, while for others it’s spending time with their family.

For Joy Philippines, happiness is about the unconditional love of Filipino families everywhere. In their new video series, they paid tribute to this with two videos where households #ShareAMomentOfJoy.

Watch it below:

“OFW” talks about the heartwarming story of an OFW mother trying to reconnect with her son after being apart for a long time.

“Daughter” shows the unconditional love of a father for his daughter regardless of her identity.

In both videos, Joy shows how a chore as mundane as dishwashing is perfect for a more intimate form of bonding. Dinner conversations are great but a quiet chore done by two people helping each other out is the perfect opportunity to iron out sensitive issues. Because when dinner time conversations end, real ones begin.


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