Rebisco Partners with 4 Artists to Create Special Edition Designer Cans

One of the enduring hallmarks of our childhood are those huge Rebisco tin cans. In them are some of the most iconic snacks for older millennials, Gen Xers, and baby boomers: Hansel crackers, choco sandwiches, and its trademark crackers. Little has changed since the brand opened in 1963, but there’s a big shakeup that happened recently. For its 55th anniversary, Rebisco has partnered with four notable visual artists to create special edition cans with unique artworks.

Check out the four designs below:

Migs Villanueva

Migs Villanueva’s paintings feature children and families in her dreamy pastel colors and ethereal compositions. The Palanca Award-winning artist presents the theme of escapism to let viewers put their own childhood experiences in her works. Out of the four, this is my favorite.

Aris Bagtas

Aris Bagtas channels his folk, religious, and abstract style to inspire people to create a country where family values, traits, and traditions are not forgotten. His striking tin can features distinctly Filipino scenes like the market and the rice field.

Roel Obemio

Roel Obemio, a member of the esteemed Saturday Group of artists, paints traditional Filipino practices like going to the church, riding a jeepney, and casually bonding with the family over food and music. His works are done in his trademark whimsical style, with the characters instantly recognizable as an Obemio creation.

Joseph Banez

Joseph Banez created cheerful slices of life in a barrio fiesta, with the townsfolk enjoying classic games. There’s even one cheeky scene where a man is caught unaware by an angry wife. The artist uses his own brand of Filipino pop-social realism that highlights playful colors and hilarious settings.


All four Rebisco special edition designer cans are now available at leading supermarkets like Robinsons, Puregold, Waltermart, Rustans, and Shopwise. Each can retails at P175 and contains the Rebisco Strawberry, Choco, and Lemon Sandwiches, Waftertime Choco, Rebisco Crackers, Choco Mucho Cookie Choco and White Choco, Hansel Crackers, and Hansel Mocha Sandwich.


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