An Interview with Apple, Star of Cartoon Network’s Apple & Onion

You’re never too old for a first time. I’ve interviewed many celebrities as a writer but this is the first time that I’ll be talking to a cartoon character. The character is Apple, one-half of Cartoon Network’s new series Apple & Onion. Here, he and Onion move to the city and see what it’s all about. The show is created by George Gendi (I also got to interview him), who also worked on The Amazing World of Gumball and Sanjay and Craig. I got to talk to Apple and he shared his secret to coming up with songs right away, his other BFF, and how long he buffs his head to keep it shiny. Yes, really.

How do you come up with songs so quickly? Do you and Onion practice?

Sometimes we practice, but sometimes we just come up with it on the spot. Something will be happening, like a maybe there’s a bottle of water and it spills and I’ll say “there’s water on the table Onion, what do you think?” and he’ll respond, “I get down on my head and I take a drink!” So sometimes we just make them up that way.

What’s the best thing about your friend, Onion?

Nothing. Only joking! His glasses. Again, only joking! He has a big heart and he’s quite funny sometimes! Right, Onion? Where’s Onion? Has anyone seen Onion?!

Who do you think is the best singer? We won’t tell!

I used to think it was Onion before he disappeared just now – now he’s lost forever, so it must be me! I swear he came to this thing with me? We need to find him after this interview.

You and Onion live together, do you ever argue?

We did once. I mean, we sometimes do! But not really, but we did once. When this cat came and lived with us, I didn’t realize that Onion was thinking other things. I was just so distracted with this cat. The cat actually didn’t like Onion’s hair, it was a tough time for Onion and in the end, we had an argument I shouted at him and he shouted at me. But we understood each other in the end and we are still best friends.

Who is your BFF other than Onion?

My dad – he’s funny!

How long does it take you to buff up your head?

Too long, that’s why I was late for Burger’s birthday party. Twenty minutes. Twentyfive minutes so I’m always late for everything.


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