“The Naked Foodie” is the Food Blog You Should Be Reading Now

Many of us know Christian Mark Jacobs as the other (equally goodlooking) half of Francis Libiran, the fashion designer to the stars. But what some don’t know is that Jacobs is the man behind The Naked Foodie, the new blog and vlog that features restaurant reviews, food and travel vlogs, recipes, and an e-commerce site that offers luxury cakes and pastries, as well as wines.

In case you were wondering why it’s called The Naked Foodie, I’m sorry to burst your bubble but Jacobs spends most of his time clothed. Naked comes from real food with fresh ingredients, recipes made from scratch, and food that looks just as good as it tastes. Like art!

There’s plenty of things to see on The Naked Foodie. I love looking through the recipes, where Jacobs shares how he makes his signature coleslaw, fritatta, and his version of mac and cheese, a decadent concoction topped with wheels of brie cheese. I got to try this during dinner at his house and fell in love with the upgraded version of a childhood classic.

I also like going through his travel vlogs, where he shares his experiences all over the world. Some of my favorite videos are the ones set in the Philippines, like his visit to Quezon province and the one where he tries Filipino food. There’s something refreshing about watching a foreigner experience the Philippines. It makes me see the place in a whole new light.

Perhaps my favorite part of the website is the e-commerce platform that sells Jacobs’ famous sweet treats. Foodies no doubt know The Naked Patisserie, a line of luxury cakes and pastries that caters to a discerning and A-list clientele. Some of his upcoming clients include the weddings of Christian Bautista and Kat Ram, Kryz Uy and Slater Young, and Moira dela Torre and Jason Marvin.

Here, you can buy classics like the Chocolate Eclair Cake, Strawberries ‘N Cream, and the famous Pick-Me-Up, an unforgettable espresso cheesecake that drove me crazy when I first tried it. I also liked the Chocoholic Truffle Cake, which is generously topped with Chocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. Pro-tip: you can buy these truffles separately and have yourself a party in your mouth. For a special occasion, you can have a cake custom-made.

The Naked Foodie also launched a line of wines with sparkling, white, rose, and red. The wines were made in a vineyard at Monterroni de Lecce in Italy.

There’s plenty of things to see at The Naked Foodie. You can see little slices of his life with Libiran. You can check out his recipes, copy it, and hope it’s going to turn out as good as Jacobs’ videos. You can go and see if his vlogs to South Korea, Guatemala, Vietnam, Singapore, and Italy are up. Or you can drool over and order one of The Naked Patisserie’s delectable treats. Whatever you do, get yourself a box of the┬áChocolate Oreo Cheesecake Truffles. Thank me later.


This story is in partnership with The Naked Foodie. For more information, visit the website or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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