Danarra Launches 6 Scented Soothing Balms Perfect for Any Occasion

I believe that scents can affect moods, which is why I always carry perfume with me, have tons of candles, diffusers, and lotions at home, and keep different kinds and varieties of essential oils next to my bed and on my desk. For essential oils, I rely on lavender to relax and peppermint to help me with my concentration at work. Now I’ve just expanded my collection because Danarra just launched six variants that are perfect for any occasion!

Danarra is a locally-made line of soothing balms that relieves discomforts like headaches, motion sickness, sore muscles, and any imaginable ailment. What makes this brand stand out from the market is the addition of fine fragrance oils, which makes each variant serve a specific purpose. And it’s also in a roll-on packaging so you can bring it with you anywhere!

I tried all six and here’s what I thought:

Danarra Classic Menthol

The Classic Menthol uses the camphor scent we grew up with to help you destress. It can also help with your sinus, motion sickness, and itchiness caused by insect bites. This is perfect for those who work stressful jobs and need to chill after a long day.

Danarra Lavender

Lavender is recognized for helping its users sleep peacefully. Danarra’s version helps eliminates nervous tension and aids in relaxing sleep. I recommend dabbing this on while you’re preparing for bed.

Danarra Young

This soothing balm has a cooling effect that will keep you feeling fresh all day. This is also recommended when you need a break from unpleasant odors around you. The camphor scent is more subtle, so those who find the Classic Menthol overwhelming can go for this one.

Danarra Flowery Citrus

Danarra’s Flowery Citrus balm is said to give you energy and uplift your spirits with its citrusy and flowery scent. Put some on when you’re feeling sluggish!

Danarra Sport

The Sport variant is a mood booster that’s said to be perfect for your active lifestyle. The scent is a little more masculine so it’s the perfect roll-on for guys.

I personally like Danarra’s soothing balms because the aromas really stand out. You’ll get a strong whiff of the camphor at first, but it will eventually subside to give way to the fragrance oil. And I like how there’s one for any occasion. You can even combine them to get a mix of results. For example, you can use both Young and Sport to boost your mood and keep you cool, while you can use Classic Menthol and Lavender to strengthen its relaxing effects. And the best part? Each roll-on is available for only P89 at any Mercury Drug store so you can get all six!


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