Artist Anina Rubio Paints a Fresh New Look to Seattle’s Best in BGC

I’ve been a fan of Anina Rubio ever since I saw her murals of leaves and flowers for Art in Aura, an initiative to bring art out of the gallery and into public spaces. So when I was told that I could watch her paint a new mural, I had to say yes! She was invited by Seattle’s Best Coffee for the first SBC Perkspective, a series of quarterly pocket events that offers talks, workshops, and informal meet-ups.

Through this series, SBC is transformed into a space with great coffee and food, along with the sense of community where guests can come together to be inspired. The day was themed “start fresh,” which perfectly encapsulates what coffee and art does.

For its first run, Rubio live-painted a mural with the help of attendees. I don’t have an artistic streak but I managed to paint a leaf while hanging out with some of my good friends.

We also got to design our own premium tumblers from SBC. Following the theme, I drew variations of the sun because starting fresh for me means a new day where I can be closer to my dreams and goals.

I like to eat so I’m happy that SBC fed us with freshly-made Chunky Tuna or Ham, Bacon, and Egg sandwiches from the kitchen.

The next SBC Perkspective will be in September and I can’t wait for what’s going to happen!


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Cover photo by SBC

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