The “Sense8” Finale is Tomorrow. Here’s the Trailer To Prepare You

Sometimes, people get so invested in a TV show that it would break their hearts when it would be canceled. That’s certainly what happened when Netflix pulled the plug on Sense8, one of its original shows, without explanation or a clean finale. The reaction has been so intense with an outpouring of signatures on a Renew Sense8 website and petition. Because of this, Netflix is bringing the show back… for a two-hour finale that will be available starting tomorrow.

Watch the trailer for the finale below:

In the series finale, personal lives are pushed aside as the cluster, their sidekicks, and some unexpected allies band together for a rescue mission and BPO take-down in order to protect the future of all Sensates.

The show was developed by the Wachowskis (who wrote and directed The Matrix Trilogy) and released on the streaming platform in 2015. It met widespread critical and fan acclaim, with people praising its approach to sensitive topics like politics, identity, sexuality, gender, and religion.

The Sense8 series finale launches globally on June 8, only on Netflix.


This story is in partnership with Netflix. To watch Sense8’s past episodes and the series finale, visit its Netflix page. For more information, follow Netflix Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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