These New Home Products From O Home Will Have You Healthier in No Time

Ever since I started living alone, I began to be more attuned to my home, seeing details I would not have noticed if I were still living with my family. I began to understand how demanding it is to maintain a house. One of the things I learned in my first month is: chores never end. It’s such a simple thing but it bears a different weight when you’re the one actually doing the chores.

Because of this, my dream home is a sustainable one, a house where I don’t have to worry about my health and one where I can just relax. I do so many things and I work mainly from home so I hope to create pockets of joy within this concrete block. For those looking for the same thing, you’ll appreciate the newly-launched O Home.

O Home is the newest brand of home and kitchen products designed for better health. It’s the latest brainchild of Multi-Mach, a trusted kitchen and home appliance distributor that provides equipment for five-star hotels, restaurants, and private residences. Like its parent company, O Home produces world-class products, this time anchored on health and wellness.

The brand recently launched three products: the HydroGen Plus hydrogen water generator, the Zen 4-in-1 Air Purifier, and the O-Range 360 exhaust-integrated gas range. I got to see them up close and here’s what I thought:

My favorite is the Zen 4-in-1 Air Purifier (P7,995), which reduces air contamination, diffuses the air with aromas from essential oils, cools the air with a bladeless fan, and sets the mood with a remote-operated LED lamp with 16 colors. I’m already sold on the diffuser and the bladeless fan feature, but I learned how important it is to improve air quality. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the indoor and outdoor air pollutants in Manila is 70% higher than the recommended safe level! These may cause asthma and other allergic symptoms, but it can also induce serious illness in the long term.

As a budding cook, I was also impressed with the O-Range 360, an exhaust-integrated gas range designed for easy and healthy cooking. This sounds promising when you consider Multi-Mach’s 26 years in the kitchen business. The gas range has a built-in cooker hood that absorbs smoke, eliminating up to 99% of pollutants, thus making the air clean and odorless.

The gas range also has two gas burners with a higher British Thermal Unit (BTU), which results in high heat for faster cooking. The Academy of Nutrition and Diuretics said that food cooked in high heat yields better-tasting dishes.

It comes in three variants: a gas range with a UV sterilizer cabinet (P93,000), a heated cabinet (P82,000), or a steam oven (P156,000).

Lastly, their HydroGen Plus (P8,250) is the most intriguing product of the bunch. It’s a hydrogen water generator that converts regular drinking water into hydrogen-rich water, which is said to provide antioxidants that protect the body against many illnesses like type 2 diabetes, asthma, rheumatism, neurological diseases, and premature ageing. I haven’t read enough studies to see the benefits of hydrogen water, but I have to say that O Home’s tumbler looks cool with the bubbling effect and the colorful lights. And you can bring it everywhere!

With O Home’s line of new products, homemakers such as myself can turn their entire home into a pocket of joy!


This story is in partnership with O Home. O Home products are available at Rustan’s Department Stores, Lazada, Shopee, and O Home’s showroom in 1012, Buma Building, 9599 Metropolitan Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City. For more information, visit the website or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Photos provided by O Home

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