5 Ways I Keep a Cool Head This Summer

Lately, it has become almost impossible to not complain about the heat every day. Whenever I meet someone, my opening line would usually be, “Grabe, ang init, no?” (Wow, it’s so hot, right?). Along with the extreme temperature come temper flares, a shorter fuse, and generally impatient behavior. After all, no one has time for mistakes this summer.

I’ve noticed that I’ve become irritable so I decided to list down ways to keep my head cool during the hot weather. Here are some of my recommendations:

5. Ice cream!

There’s nothing like ice cream to cure a hot head this summer! There are hundreds of flavors to choose from and different brands and stores with their own gimmicks, so there’s always a flavor that will suit whatever mood you’re in.  I personally go for frozen yogurt or sugar-free ice cream to stick to my diet, but sometimes I feel indulgent.

4. Stay indoors

I try to stay indoors as much as possible and only go out when absolutely necessary. Thankfully, I work in digital so I only go out for meetings, events, and errands. The temperature in Manila is getting crazy and we’re only halfway through summer, so find ways to sit in an airconditioned room or in front of a fan. If you have to go out, make sure to use sunblock and an umbrella. The sun ages you, darling.

3. Think happy thoughts

While it may be hard to think happy thoughts when you’re being cooked in your own fat, I find that it helps me get through the day. Thinking of the happy moments in my life, or even the last time I smiled, is enough to make me forget that splitting headache the heat has given me.

2. Use a refreshing shampoo

This will literally make you feel refreshed. My new favorite is Head & Shoulders and they recently released three limited edition variants that will keep you feeling refreshed, no matter the temperature. You can choose between Apple Fresh, Lemon Fresh, and Cool Menthol, which are perfect for the summer months. And they also fight dandruff so you can look fresh, too!

It’s available for P125 for every 170ml bottle and can be found in major supermarkets, sari-sari stores, drugstores, convenience stores,  and in e-commerce.

1. Do yoga

For days that are really tough, I recommend yoga. It’s the best way to keep yourself cool… and make you fit. Yoga calms the mind and relaxes your whole body, which lets go of all the things that stressed you out that day. Apart from giving you chill vibes, it builds your muscle strength, improves your flexibility, increases your blood flow, and boosts your immunity. Trust me, it’s not as hard as it looks.


This story is in partnership with Procter & Gamble. For more information on Head & Shoulders, visit the website and follow them on Facebook and YouTube.

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