Filipino Named One of the 10 Best Teachers in the World by Bill Gates

Jesus Insilada, an English and Creative Writing teacher, was included as a finalist at the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize 2018, a competition that aims to find the best teacher in the world.

Insilada joins nine other finalists, including Nurten Akkuş of Turkey, Marjorie Brown of South Africa, Luis Miguel Bermudez Gutierrez of Colombia, Glenn Lee of Hawaii, Diego Mahfouz Faria Lima of Brazil, Koen Timmers of Belgium, Eddie Woo of Australia, Andria Zafirakou of United Kingdom, and Barbara Anna Zielonka of Norway.

According to Bill Gates, “finalists were selected based on a rigorous set of criteria, including their proven effectiveness in inspiring students and helping them learn.”

A total of 30,000 nominations from 173 countries were submitted.

The grand prize is $1 million and the chance to be called the best teacher in the world.

Insilada teaches at the Caninguan National High School in Iloilo. He is also a Hiligaynon poet, a short story writer, and a novelist with four Palanca awards.

Ryan Homan, another Filipino who teaches at the San Jose Elementary School in Donsol, made it to the top 50 shortlist.

The winner was announced last March and it was Andria Zafirakou of United Kingdom. But the honor for both Insilada and Homan to be included is something to be proud of.

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