The “Deception” Pilot Promises a Dazzling Show About Crime and Illusions

Deception begins with an intriguing start: we are introduced to Cameron Black (Jack Cutmore-Scott), a superstar illusionist who describes what magic is. He goes on a monologue about how magic is an illusion while doing card tricks (that work). While his speech may be something we’ve heard before, I was drawn in because of his charisma and the show’s promising story: he works with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and uses his tricks to help solve cases.

Black’s work with the FBI begins when he is implicated in a hit and run accident. While dealing with its repercussions, he notices that an FBI case looks eerily similar to one of his magic acts. He offers his tricks and the more he gets involved, the more he wonders if his accident and the FBI case are connected.

I watched the pilot episode of Deception and enjoyed how Black uses illusions to help solve cases. The best part is when he and his team, composed of Dina Clark (Lenora Crichlow), Jordan Kwon (Justin Chon), and Gunter Gastafsen (Vinnie Jones), compose elaborate “acts” and explain them to us viewers. To lend credibility to the scenes, Cutmore-Scott worked with the professional magician David Kwong to learn tricks and illusions.

We’ll see Black solving different cases throughout the first season but the overarching theme of the show is the mysterious circumstances of his hit-and-run. The show suggests that it was a setup… and the perpetrator is also an illusionist. Rivalries between magicians are nothing new. Deception takes it to dazzling heights.

This story is in partnership with Warner TV. Deception airs the same day as the US every Monday at 9PM on Warner TV, available on Cignal SD (Channel 126), Cignal HD (Channel 235), SkyCable SD Digital (Channel 34), SkyCable HD (Channel 197), and Destiny Cable (Channel 34). For more information on Warner TV, visit the website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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