You Can Customize the Chicken in 6 Different Flavors in This Resto!

One of my favorite things to order when I eat out is chicken. I like the taste, it’s healthy, and you can cook it in different ways. While it is one of my favorite main courses, there are times when I’m looking for a little more flavor. Yellow Cab seems to be on my wavelength because they just launched the Drum & Thigh combo, where you get two big pieces of chicken… which you can customize in six different flavors!

For P189, you can get a drum and thigh part in Garlic Parmesan, which is tossed in garlic butter and topped with parmesan; Hot Chix, which is perfect for those looking for something spicy; Korean BBQ, if you’re craving for something sweet and tangy; New York BBQ, for something a little smoky; Salt and Pepper, a flavorful combination packed with black pepper; and Sriracha, for that perfect balance of heat and sweetness.

If you’re feeling hungry, the Yellow Cab Thigh & Drum combo comes with a side of Italian red rice or baked potato wedges for only P239.

From March 15 to 31, you can get the Thigh & Drum as a bundle! For only For P789, you get three orders of the Drum & Thigh with baked potato wedges or Italian red rice and a bottle of 1.5L soda. For P999, you get two orders of the Drum & Thigh with baked potato wedges or Italian red rice, one 10” classic pizza, and one large pasta (Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, Chicken Alfredo, or Spaghetti & Meatballs).

The bundle promo is available for dine-in, take-out, and delivery in all Yellow Cab branches except in all branches except Brent, MOA Arena, Kidzania, and Camaya.

Yellow Cab’s Thigh & Drum is perfect for days when I’m looking for something more in my favorite chicken dish!


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